Ollie (formerly Mandy)

Adoption Status:

mandyWe wanted to adopt a second pug when we moved into our first home last November. Our first pug, Mocha, was a rescue and because we love pugs so much, we couldn’t wait to get another. Olive (formerly Mandy) came into our life last February and she has brought us nothing but happiness. She is incredibly sweet and goofy and makes us laugh everyday. She redefines the term “lapdog” as she can never seem to be close enough to us. She seems to know that she is now in her forever home as she joins our other pug in barking to protect us if there is a strange noise in the house or a knock at the door. We love the fact that she is now a healthy and happy pug who is spoiled with love, toys and treats. We introduced her to Nylabones and she constantly carries hers with her around the house. We’d really like to thank UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue for all the work they do in rescuing and fostering these pugs. Little Ollie had a wonderful foster mother who took great care of her. She is a magical little pug and we are so thankful to have been chosen as her pug parents.

Scott & Megan