Age: 9 years old
Adoption Status:

nina03May 18, 2013 – Nina is gone to her forever home where she is already being adored. Nina will be sharing her life with a beautiful 13 year old pug and 2 human angels. Congrats to D & D for their new addition and for opening their heart to this beautiful little girl.

May 16, 2013 – With her discovery of grass and warm weather, Nina is having a blast outside! She loves to wander around the backyard and will even let you chase her around. Although limited in her vision, Nina loves to play with her foster parents and enjoys a good wrestle or grab-the-face game. All who have followed Nina’s story are amazed at the recovery she has made and it shows that this little girl is around to stay. Nina is holding her weight steady and like most pugs, loves to eat! She has become accustomed to her twice daily needles and nothing is slowing her down. Nina will sleep wherever you would like her to and will stay put for the evening. She gets along with both her female and male pug companions, but is not afraid to snarl back when pushed around. If you are looking for the love of your life, I may know where you can find her. Please submit your application form today.

April 27, 2013 – Nina’s perseverance continues to amaze us day after day, and it is marvellous to see her shine. Nina continues to add meat on her bones and develops still more and more strength each day. Nina has mastered going up stairs now and it shouldn’t be long before she learns to go down as well. With this warmer weather, Nina thoroughly enjoys walking around the backyard and taking in all the new smells. Nina loves to be with you and is always curious as to what you are up to; she makes a wonderful companion and could listen to you talk for hours. There is no better cuddler or companion for any family or person.

April 13, 2013 – Nina is back from her vet visit, with a lot less teeth – she lost 13 and was missing many, leaving her with only 4 teeth! Luckily she is learning, from her also toothless and blind resident brother, how to continue to eat like a pig with a lack of dental work. Nina weighed in at 12.5 pounds and could still stand to gain a bit of weight. She is a feisty little girl who still loves a wrestle, hates having her ear and wrinkles cleaned, and will race any other resident pug in a ‘fastest eater’ contest. Nina’s bloodwork has come back and her glucose levels are perfect! She is one healthy Nina now and her forever home will easily maintain her levels with her twice daily insulin shots.

April 10, 2013 – Nina has positively made a full recovery and it should be smooth sailing for this ‘little girl’. She has improved significantly with her housetraining, as long as she is put outside often as this is something that she never learned. Nina’s forever home should limit her to one level, as she is not capable of stairs and cannot see them, often before it is too late. Nina does need to be carried to certain areas of the home and into the yard, which is easy, as she is so light and she loves to be taken in your arms. Nina sleeps through the night with no issues and is happy to be laid upon the couch like a princess for her naps or if lucky, in a human bed! She continues to have a voracious appetite and is more than happy to wolf down rewards for a job well done. Nina is great on a leash, but you better not be in a hurry to get somewhere as she is a little slow but is a trooper during her short 15 minute beginner walks. If you are looking for a never ending wagging tail of happiness upon hearing your voice, please consider giving this wonderful soul her forever home.

April 8, 2013 – Nina did very well at the Adoption Day this past Saturday. People can’t believe how good she now looks. Nina is getting her teeth cleaned this Friday. Nina has gained almost 3lbs since she came to us.

April 2, 2013 – Nina is becoming stronger and stronger with each passing day and it definitely helps that she eats like a full grown horse! Nina has become accustomed to her twice daily needles and the cost to her adoptive family for insulin is closer to only $10 a month, which is peanuts when you see the amazing difference it has made in her life. Nina is still getting used to using the outside as a washroom, but has come a long way. The excitement on Nina’s face and in her body is so apparent when it is close to feeding, cuddle, or play time and especially when you come home. As Nina gains strength, she will have her teeth cleaned at the vet and soon be ready for adoption – keep an eye out!

March 22, 2013 – Wow – what a difference a couple of days makes! With some much needed veterinary care, devotion and love, Nina is on the right path. This fighting spirit is on her way to recovery and it is a wonderful sight to see that tail wagging all the time, so delighted to be surrounded by those who care for her. Nina’s required dose of twice daily needles of insulin are actually very easy to give and would run her future forever home approximately $50 per month, for the rest of her life. Nina’s forever home must remain committed to caring for Nina’s health. Nina gets along very well with all other dogs that she has met and she has much more spunk than you would figure; pleased to tell anyone too close to her food to get lost with the cutest, tiniest, little grrr. Nina’s vision is definitely limited, however, she knows her new name and will follow you as you speak to her. She loves to cuddle up with the resident male pug, is polite with the resident female pug, and loves to lick her foster mom’s arms. Nina will return to the vet in approximately three weeks for a checkup to ensure she remains on the path of recovery; stay tuned!

March 17, 2013 – Nina has returned from her stay at the vet and is back in the saddle. Nina received some much needed fluids through IV during her stay and has come home with much more energy and strength. Due to Nina’s diabetes, she will receive two shots of insulin a day and her forever home will need to continue with this treatment – which turns out is actually quite easy to administer. To no fault of her own, Nina has not learned to use outdoors as her washroom and we are teaching this nine year old many new things. Nina slept wonderfully through her first night back to her foster home, with no accidents – happy to curl up in her bed or with the resident pugs. Nina is on a special diabetic diet which will also help her gain some much needed weight onto her tiny frame. Although not loved enough in her previous life, Nina is adapting well to constant cuddles and reassurances – wagging her tail with content. Stay tuned for more developments on Nina, as she adapts to her new healthy life.

March 14, 2013 – Nina has had a full blood workup done at the vet this morning and it is by sheer determination alone that this amazing little girl is still with us and we are grateful that we have been able to rescue her. Nina has been fighting a horrendous infection without any care or medication for an undetermined amount of time, leaving her extremely uncomfortable. Nina has also been left untreated with advanced diabetes and is extremely dehydrated. Nina is tremendously underweight at 10.2lbs and is also most likely fighting a bladder infection along with everything else. Nina has been immediately placed on antibiotics and will begin insulin shots tomorrow. Nina will stay at the vet on IV fluids until Saturday where she will be monitored closely. Good news from the vet states that she could get through this and we got her in the nick of time. This frail soul is fighting for her life and we are behind her every step of the way! Stay tuned as we learn about Nina’s recovery and introduction to her new pain-free life while she is surrounded only by those who will love and care for her. Nina is a very sweet pug who loves to be cuddled and needs only someone’s love and affection.

March 13, 2013 – We must have sensed something when we chose a name for this ‘little girl’, as Nina is the direct translation. Nina has come into us tonite a frail and weak tiny girl. Nina has had one eye surgically removed in the past and has limited vision in her remaining eye. We will be taking Nina to the vet first thing tomorrow morning for a full checkup. Nina is clearly shaken and we will be keeping a close eye on her over the next few days to ensure that she adjusts to the many positive changes in her new life. Please keep an eye on Nina’s story.