Age: 3 years old
Adoption Status:

MuffinMikaela is so wonderful, I find it hard to put into words. She seems convinced that the body pillow above our heads was placed there simply for her – She’s even more beautiful and snuggley then I was promised. She is exceptional with other dogs, and has a routine that other dog owners envy. She adapted and became one of the family immediately, making us giggle with her suddenly happy outbursts and her hilarious head tilts. She adopted the name “bush dog,” almost immediately! Nothing makes her happier then to go romping through bushes and coming out covered in burrs like some Bay Retreiever. I think she forgets she is a pug! I owe so much to you, Under My Wing, for filling that hole in my heart that had grown cobwebs… Mikaela is so special. What a precious gem you have given us!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love our little manatee so much already!