Age: 6 years old
Adoption Status:

Morgan_SundayMorgan joined our home as our second dog, as a friend for our energetic Abby. And while there is a very noticeable size difference (Abby being a lab mix) and Morgan being, of course, a wee Pug, they still horse around like two kids. When Abby’s energy proves to be too much for Morgan, he retreats to his safe places that he’s found- under the computer desk, behind the couch and a few other spots that Abby has yet to discover. He’s a great little guy; we call him the Little Big Man about the house. His biggest love is not riding around in the car, or being cuddled to no end, or even meal time. Nope, Morgan’s biggest love is chasing shadows. He stalks shadows on the walls, floors and reflections wherever they are cast- he NEVER tires of this. He’ll grunt, growl and scratch away at it with a focus that would impress a Buddhist monk! It took some time for all of us but Morgan has really settled in and become part of the family. He’s a joy and a character and we thank Under My Wing Pug Rescue for bringing us together with our Little Big Man.