Age: 9 years old
Adoption Status:

King_May_2Monty has made himself at home with Rosie and us. It seems like we’ve had Monty forever but yet it has only been a short while. Monty is a happy go lucky little guy. Wherever Monty is, Rosie will follow. Exactly what we had hoped for. Rosie has hearing issues, and now, with Monty, Rosie is more aware of things happening, given how excited Monty becomes. Both Monty and Rosie will be greeting us at the back door, as Monty hears the garage door opening, and the car pulling in. Rosie is right there with him, giving their happy yelps of excitement, knowing you have returned home. Monty loves his belly rubs! He quickly turns himself over just waiting for you to rub his belly, often to fall asleep. Monty is a beautiful sweet pug, and a joy to have around. I’m very thankful for Monty. He has brought life back into Rosie !