Age: 5 months old
Adoption Status:

Mimi_March_25March 28, 2012 – Mimi has won everyone’s heart and has decided that her foster family was going to be her forever home. Mimi will be living with a big friendly dog with whom she’s having lots of play time. Congrats and thank you to the new adoptive family !

March 25, 2012 – Mimi is doing very well and has actually put on a bit of weight. She plays really well with other dogs and seems to have an unlimited amount of energy. She likes to stay close to her humans, but is gaining a little more independence with increasing familiarity of her surroundings. Mimi is a real chewer and will chew anything and everything. A sharp no and a clap will distract her, and she will accept other toys and chews. We had a few accidents initially in the house, but now she will go outside and pee on command. She’s interested in the cats and would like to chase them but has been ‘warned off’ by them. Mimi is a pup that would do marvellously well as a second dog, especially a younger dog who is still interested in playing. She and the resident dog can play together for a long, long time which is good as it reduces her dependence on us. She loves to retrieve! She’s walking reasonably well on the leash given her lack of familiarity with it and her age but she’s getting the concept. Mimi is very good about coming when called, knows her name and some basic commands (come, no, go pee, sit (mostly), off). Mimi has a lovely sweet nature with a bit of toughness thrown in. She’s not shy and has a lot of confidence. She will continue to need a lot of exercise and stimulation. Mimi can sometimes, like a little kid, become over-stimulated and needs time out in her crate to bring down her energy level a little. And a couple of good naps during the day. Mimi sleeps really well and without interruption at night. Usually she is in her crate around 9, out for a final pee at 10:00 and will sleep til 7 or later. If you are interested in adopting Mimi, please fill out an adoption application form.

March 19, 2012 – Mimi had her stitches out last Friday and all is well! She is a super little girl who only after 24 hours has adjusted brilliantly to her new surroundings, my girl Lola, my 2 cats and of course my 2 girls. However she looks for me every second and is happiest if she can be sitting with me anywhere. Her house-training is going very well and she’s pretty good about pee-ing on command. Being wee still she is still wanting to chew a LOT but is satisfied, mostly, with her chews and toys. That being said, she’s pretty good with a sharp ‘no’ and will stop biting and chewing on us, slippers etc. She’s very smart and picks up instruction quickly.


A HUGE Thank You to all for your generosity and help !!!!

Mimi 1March 11, 2012 – Mimi is so smart and runs up the stairs when she doesn’t want to do her business and then tries to get into the house. So far we’ve had three days with zero accidents in the house!!!

March 5, 2012 – Mimi went back to the vet today. She had an infection where her eye was removed. The vet cleaned and flushed the infected area with an antibiotic solution and prescribed 14 days of antibiotics and cleaning the area with peroxyde. Mimi hasn’t lost her appetite and she will start feeling much better very soon, once the infection starts clearing up. Besides that, Mimi adjusted very quickly to her new foster home where she resides with two resident dogs (and their humans). Mimi is extremely happy and has a wonderful disposition. We are VERY proud of Mimi as she is a super smart girl and is quickly learning to go to the bathroom outside. Accidents in the house are few and far between which is great for such a young pup. Mimi spends a lot of time resting in her crate (doctor’s orders) with periods of play time in between. She is thriving on a schedule that allows her to rest, play and practice her potty training. Mimi is full of life and is just the cutest puggie ever!

March 4, 2012 – Mimi is recovering very well. She’s wearing a solft cone collar and she’s eating well. She’s full of beans and have a great personality.

March 2, 2012 – Mimi had her eye removed yesterday and she was spayed at the same time. The surgery went very well and she is recovering nicely. She will be ready to be released from the vet clinic tomorow. Mimi will have to wear a cone collar for the first 2 weeks and remain relatively calm. She will be back at the vet in 2 weeks to have her stitches removed.

MimiEyeFebruary 29, 2012 – Mimi was dropped at the SPCA yesterday. Her left eye was injured a while ago and she had never seen a vet for that. The eye became very infected with a deep ulcer and perforation of the eyeball with the sad result that she is undergoing a surgery tomorrow to have her eye removed. The picture is showing her this afternoon when we went to get her. She has received some pain killer and antibiotics but the vet said she must be in great pain. Despite all this happening in her short life, Mimi is in a very good mood and just wants to play and be a puppy. If you are interested in donating towards Mimi’s surgery, you can either donate via CanadaHelps on the Homepage or by emailing us. Thanks A LOT in advance for your help and generosity. An update on Mimi will be posted tomorrow after the surgery. Mimi is 6lbs and would be about 4 months old.