Age: 6 years old
Adoption Status:

Milo_PumpkinJamie and I met Milo at the Ottawa Pet Expo on November 10th, 2012 and fell in love. Later that Saturday evening we decided to put in an adoption application. We had been contemplating for weeks whether or not we were ready for a pet of our own but decided Milo should be the one. After that, things moved quickly; we got a phone call, scheduled a home visit and found out we were adopting Milo all within five days! It was an incredibly exciting week for us all. We’ve had Milo for almost two weeks now and we couldn’t be happier. He is the most well behaved little guy ever! At first he wasn’t too into the toys we bought him but over the little amount of time we’ve had him he’s warmed up to the idea of playing and fetching little tennis balls. Like the typical pug, Milo can nap all morning if he wanted but also LOVES his walks. Once the harness comes out he goes bananas and can’t wait to get out the door. He makes friends with every person he meets and gets along well with other dogs (though he is a little shy). Milo’s the perfect little guy to snuggle up with either on the couch or at night and we couldn’t be more pleased to share our bed with him. We can’t thank everyone at UMWPR enough for rescuing little Milo and allowing us to give him the perfect forever home! By the amount of kisses Jamie and I both get each day, we know Milo is happy to be with us forever and we feel exactly the same. Thank you everyone.

Stacey & Jamie