Age: 3
Adoption Fees: $500
Adoption Status:

December 18, 2019 – Merkley has been adopted by his foster mom, he is now living a happy with a pug sister and a boston sister.

December 16, 2019 – Merkley is so happy to be out of his cone collar.  Merkley is so gentle when he plays and loves to play fetch.  He is not interested with playing tug of war with the other dogs, wants to play fetch and tug of war with just me.
He is my shadow and my cuddle buddy.
He comes when he’s called; he is such a good boy, his accidents in the house are far and few between now.  Merkley’s nose fold looks much better after using the medicated wipes.  Merkley is a gem, he’s a pretty laid back boy, except on a walk; he likes to pull …He likes to play but he also likes his cuddle, calm time.

December 9, 2019 – Merkley is doing good, 4 days post surgery. The biggest problem is getting him to stay quiet. Stuck to his foster mom constantly and is not just content to be on her lap or next to her, he has to be in her arms like a baby or around her neck He is the most loving pug.
He’s marked a few times since surgery and that will get better with time.
Merkley has settled in so well, he likes the resident pugs but is more attached to his foster mom and has to keep an eye on her always to see what she’s doing so he can follow.
Merkley is just the loveliest little guy and so darn cute !!

December 5, 2019 – Merkley was neutered today and the surgery went very well.  He is now back to his foster family for a smooth recovery.

December 3, 2019 – What to say about Merkley ! Oh my goodness , if ever there was a perfect Pug , he is the poster boy ! Not only is he stunning to look at , he is such a good boy ! He comes when called, does his business outside. He keeps his belly band in the house which I’m sure won’t be necessary after his surgery on Thursday. He loves to play with his toys , especially his Kong. We will play fetch, he brings it back every time ….  He loves to play , loves to run around the yard at high speed, followed by the resident pug who is quick but not as fast as Merkley. Even in the yard if I call him, he comes running !
We had so much fun in the snow last night, as I shovelled, the resident pug and Merkley raced around and around … What a breath of fresh air to watch them !
He is a bit of a puller on a walk and you need a good grip on his leash !  If I move an inch, Merkley is right there. From a sound sleep, he knows if I am moving and is right behind me in seconds.  In bed, he will cuddle as close as he can get, will tuck his head under my chin if he can.
He is great with the resident dogs and they will all pile up together, reposition, and never any aggression.
He is not a real fast eater, so I give him his food in a different area.
Such a healthy, happy, loving, smart boy.  He will come up to me lean into my arms and just cuddle like a baby.  Merkley is getting neutered on December 5.

November 29, 2019 – Merkley went to the vet last night and was brought up to date in his vaccination.
He was very thirsty when he got to his foster home,  he loves the yard and peed on everything he could. Didn’t eat a whole lot of dinner which is understandable … was a bit restless through the night; we got up a few times and he went out to pee. For sleeping he stuck to me like glue, he is just a love bug.  Merkley is still inspecting his environment , likes the resident dogs and so far, has ignored the cat. What a stunning boy he is and very active, loves t to race in the backyard. Trying to put a belly band on him is like dressing a snake.

November 28, 2019 – Merkley came to us yesterday.  Surrendered by his owner who didn’t have time for him.  Merkley is born on November 8, 2016 so he just turned 3.  He went to the vet last night for a complete check up and te be brought up to date in his vaccination.  Merkley is getting neutered on December 5.  Stay tuned for more on this very active little marker.