Age: 11 months
Adoption Fees: $575
Adoption Status:

November 13, 2019 – Marcus has been adopted by his foster family…he will share his life with his best buddy, Bogie.

November 12, 2019 – Marcus is getting his last physiotherapy session on November 16 and the vet said he doesn’t need a follow up appointment.  He is doing very well and is ready to be adopted.  We will be looking for a home with a young dog to play with him.

November 5, 2019 – Marcus is doing so well, it’s looking like Fall is his favorite season. The cool weather allows for long walks and outdoor playtime. He’s one active pup! He loves to wrestle and play with the resident pug in the leaves. He’s eating well, every meal is gobbled up, but he has wonderful manners, never possessive of his food or bowls. We take him for a long walk everyday on top of his regular walks, and he has become fantastic on leash. He still has some work to do, he’s still just a pup, but he is a fast learner. Despite his dislike of the water treadmill, he loves the bath! He always wants to get in the tub with the kids, and he’s so calm and happy. He just walks around the tub, and gives the boys wet kisses. His second to last physio appointment is this Saturday.

October 30, 2019 – Marcus was at the vet on Monday. He still doesn’t have a full range of motion in his left leg, mostly on his extension, and there is one muscle that is still underdeveloped, however, the vet said both of these are to be expected with the surgery he had. As far as his healing and development go, the vet said that we have hit all of our goals with Marcus, and that he has healed up as much as we can expect at this time.  The vet said Marcus is ready to be adopted after his last physio appointments are completed. His last remaining appointments are on Nov 9 & Nov 16.

October 18, 2019 – Marcus is a little star in physio. They have him doing several different exercises, and using different items to stretch and balance. During his last session he….

  • got his laser therapy and his muscle stimulating session. Getting his muscles stimulated takes 10 minutes and he’s quiet and calm the whole time.
  • he did his back-ups, backing out of a narrow space, his figure eights around traffic cones, and stepping over raised bars. He is now stepping over 4 inches, and when he started, he was only doing two.
  • balanced with his two front paws then his two back paws on a physio half-ball, and stretched out his hips over a physio ball.
  • Stood on three legs while his back good leg was held up. The goal is two minutes, and he nailed it his very first time doing it!
  • Stood and balanced with all four paws on a rocker board while it was tipped side to side.
  • did a whopping 17 minutes on the treadmill!! He started at just 5!!
Sarah, his physiotherapist, is so impressed with him! Every time he goes, he is stronger. Using all four of his legs is now the norm, we have not seen him hold up his bad leg or hop in weeks. Walking, running, stairs, he can do it all, and does it using both back legs equally. He loves playing tug, and strong back legs play a huge part in that. He can easily go for hour long walks, or even longer. The cooler weather has been amazing for him, he can exercise to his hearts content without getting over heated. He is just the most happy go lucky little thing!
We have to keep a close eye on him, given the opportunity he will get into anything! He tries to put everything in his mouth, and wants to chew like crazy. A steady stream of Nylabones and toys keep him happy. Marcus doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and is NEVER possessive, even if resident pug, Queen Oona decides that she wants the bone he’s chewing on, and takes it right out of his mouth. He just looks sad for a second, then accepts his fate and goes and finds another bone. His main mission in life seems to be getting every single squeeker out of every single squeek toy he comes across.
I’m not sure I can put into words the absolute joy and happiness Marcus has brought us. Now that it’s been a few months, we have all settled into a perfect routine with all three dogs. All three of them lined up at their bowls eating is just one of the most heart warming sights.

October 8, 2019 – I have no words for little Marcus. It had been the experience of a lifetime to watch him go from scared, meek little dog to a full-blown PUPPY before our very eyes. So happy and wiggly, he has charmed the pants of everyone at the Cedarview Animal Hospital, and no one can believe how well his physio/hydrotherapy is going. Everyday he gets stronger, and when people meet him, if they don’t see his scar, they have no idea he’s even had surgery. Marcus has fallen in love with the outdoors and the long walks he takes with his foster dad. Oh my gosh, and he has also discovered “zoomies”!! Resident pug Bogie is his absolute best friend in the world, and the two of them playing is the funniest things, you cannot imagine the noises. He absolutely loves chewing on his Nylabones, and playing tug. He shows no fear whatsoever when it comes to meeting other dogs and people on leash, he just wants to say hi! He is so sweet, so cozy, we just love him so much!!

September 17, 2019 – Marcus has started underwater treadmill and physiotherapy sessions on September 10.  He will be going for 10 sessions.  He is doing very well and love to be able to play all he can with the resident pug.

August 27, 2019 – Marcus was at the vet this morning to assess his condition to make sure he is ready to start physio/hydrotherapy and he sure is.  He will be getting 10 sessions of physio/hydrotherapy twice a week starting September 10 up to October 12.  The vet also mentioned he can play without any limitation with the resident pug.  Marcus’s foster mom has stretching exercise to do with the little man’s leg.  So far, so good with this sweet boy.









August 22, 2019 – Marcus is a new dog, and totally embracing being the puppy he never got to be before due to his leg. He has COMPLETELY come out of his shell! He still doesn’t have much interaction with other dogs, other then our two, but he adores Oona and Bogie. They are always snuggling and Marcus wants to play so badly! It’s adorable. We are still keeping him from over doing it on his leg, and we are really excited for him to start physio/hydrotherapy next week. He is still the sweetest little soul, but oh, he can be trouble! He loves to “attack” our feet under blankets, wrestles with the boys stuffed animals, and tried to chew everything! He is a quick learner though, and if we redirect his chewing with a toy, he is happy to focus on that, especially if we hold it for him. When he’s sleepy or tired, he is the definition of snuggle bunny. He liked to curl up as close as he can to you, and rest his head on you. He is one heartbreakingly adorable sweetheart.  He loves to go for his walks, and everyday we see him trying to use his leg a little more, testing it out. He will have the *occasional* accident in the house, but it’s always our fault, not taking him out quick enough. Those accidents are VERY few and far between, and he has learned to sit at the front door when he wants to go out.  He is eating every bite of his food, typical pug, and shows ZERO food aggression or possessiveness. He has excellent manners and gets along incredibly well with the kids, and is more than happy to meet new people, as long as they are calm and not freaking out over the cute puppy. Marcus is just the perfect little pug, and we feel so lucky to be able to take care of him and watch him grow and blossom from a scared little puppy in pain, to a curious, happy, healthy puppy!

August 8, 2019 – Marcus continues to recover wonderfully from his recent Legge-Calve-Perthes disease surgery.  He has a much happier face and we have started little stretching his leg exercise.  Marcus is going back to the vet on August 13 for a recheck and he is starting physiotherapy/hydrotherapy on August 26.

August 4, 2019 – Marcus has a surgery for the Legge-Calve-Perthes disease 2 days ago.  It went very well.  He is now back with his foster family for a smooth recovery.  He has to stay calm and crated for the next couple of weeks with the exception of going out to do his business.  Marcus will have to go into physio in a near future.  He is going back to the vet clinic in 8 days for a recheck.  Note that Marcus is NOT available for adoption so pls do NOT send us any adoption application.

July 30, 2019 – Marcus is born December 3, 2018.  This sweet boy has a condition called Legge-Calve-Perthes disease.  He needs surgery on his right hind leg to correct.  Marcus is neutered and up to date in his vaccination.  Marcus came in just today so we will post more on him once we get to know him better.