Age: 7 years old
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

February 25, 2020 – Luna & Bentley went to their forever home today.

February 6, 2020 – Luna and Bentley are doing great. They are running around, playing & wrestling together. Sometimes, Luna is getting jealous over attention and they wrestle to be number one. They are really cute and enjoying their play and walk.  Come meet Bentley and Luna at the Winter Paw Thaw on February 9 from 12 to 3:30PM at Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre.

January 10, 2020 – Bentley & Luna are extremely bonded. If they are left alone for more than a few hours, they will both cry when we come home. Both are very well trained and well behaved. They understand commands such as “lie down, sit, go to your bed “. When Luna was spayed, Bentley stayed home and was very depressed. As soon as Luna was back home from the vet, Bentley spent the entire evening at her side.

Luna has to use her eye medicine in rest of her life morning and night. Bentley & Luna are extremely well with kids and strangers. They both like kisses & hugs very much. They are also well behaved in car & trips.

We call Luna a sneaky kisser because when she is on your lap suddenly she try to kiss you. Luna is not shy to come and sit on anyone’s lap asking to petted. Bentley usually watches from the distance but he also loves getting petted. They both don’t leave your side when you do any movement in the kitchen.

The first three to four weeks, they were not showing much attachment towards to us. We think they were grieving their previous owner.

They love their walks and they walk side by side. Their bed should be put side by side since they sleep together. They go out for pee at 6 am and they get fed at 6:30 am for breakfast. Their supper time is 5 pm. They currently both get ear drops, twice a day for a mild ear infection.

They are both lovely dogs with unbreakable bond to each other. The best home for Bentley & Luna would be a retired couple who can spend time with them. They are not used to be left alone long hours.
January 2, 2020 – Luna & Bentley are doing well. Luna is recovering from her spaying surgery that took place on December 30. Both are enjoying short and long walks once the weather is cooperative. They like to cuddle all the time. We are really enjoying their company.

December 19, 2019 – Luna & Bentley are doing great. They are like puppy, competing for attention. They have full of energy but they don’t like wet weather. Since my wife is at home, they are spending time with them all the time therefore they are very attached to her.  Luna will require eye lubricant for the rest of her life.  She is getting spayed on December 30.

November 28, 2019 – Bentley & Luna went to the vet yesterday for a recheck.  took them to vet yesterday. Luna’s eyes and ears are getting better as well as her skin. Luna has a cyst in her left side the size of an almond. Vet said we need to monitor if the cyst grows. Bentley ‘s ears and skin are getting better. They are very playful in the apartment. We noticed that they were trained for “do you wanna go for a WALK”. Every time they hear the word:Walk , they get crazy excited and barking and crying from happiness. They are very good with guests in our place. They are very well trained and don’t do any accident.  They are so attached to each other. They sleep, eat, walk, run together. Luna asks for attention and Bentley waits to receive. Luna gets very much jealous if we pet Bentley. She cut off Bentley every time when we show any attention.  Luna & Bentley are getting their teeth cleaned on December 6.

November 18, 2019 – Bentley & Luna are getting better every week.  Bentley is slowly learning that marking the furniture is not an option. Luna is extremely consistent when it comes to do her business outside. They are getting their medication periodically and there is a great improvement on Luna’s eyes. They are so attached to each other and they take naps together everyday. They are also very friendly when we have guests. After an hour or so, they were laying down right beside our guests and leaning on them.

November 11, 2019 – Bentley & Luna are doing great. Due to their skin issue, they do scratch but their medication will help them to heal. I got 2 eye different drops for Luna for her eyes due to “dry eyes” issue. She will get rechecked in 2 weeks. The vet suggested to get Bentley and Luna’s teeth cleaned. They both got drops for ear infection. They got shots for rabies and distemper.
They are pretty active and playing a lot. They also used to sleep on the bed with us as well as sleeping on their bed. Bentley loves sleeping in the crate. From time to time, he goes to in the rate, lies down and sleeps there. Luna can sleep everywhere. She is so attached to us. Bentley humps Luna and Luna humps Bentley. They are so funny. They walk long and short walks side by side really nicely. They love going outside for their walks.
They are very good with each other, always sleep leaning over to each other. They get jealous if you pet one of them , the other one will come to you for requesting pet.

November 9, 2019 – Luna (black one on the photo) came in last night with her father, Bentley.  She is 7 years old.  She is very attached to her father so we will want them adopted together.  Stay tuned for more on this sweet girl as we get to know her better.