Age: 4 years old
Adoption Status:

LuluOutLulu charmed everyone in the house from the second she arrived. Lulu became particularly fond of carrots, apple slices, and orange slices as treats. Winston and Lulu are partners in crime and play throughout the house like a herd of horses. Now that she’s comfortable and confident, she’s playful, devious, energetic and happy. She’s still a bit of a “Daddy’s girl” but I don’t mind, I’m always up for a good cuddle.

We just had her first obedience class. Although she’s always been good walking on a leash want her to learn the basics. So far she’s doing well and is finally sitting on command. Although currently, this requires freeze dried liver.

The entire family is delighted to have Lulu and we can’t imagine not having her. Thanks for all your help finding the perfect little sister for Winston (our other pug)& Harley (our Siamese Cat)