Age: 2 years old
Adoption Status:

Louis_PugstockWe have had Louis for five months now and it has been a totally positive experience. He bounces through each day with infectious enthousiasm, enchanting everyone he meets. He has totally rejuvenated our fourteen year old pug , Chewie, who follows him round all day , checking to see that Louis is not receiving too much attention! Louis loves to play with pull toys and to chew on anything he can get hold of. We quickly learned to put pencils (his favorite) out of the way and to provide him with lots of chew toys. His favorite pastime is going on long country walks with his two new friends, Nuka – large Malamute and Shandy- a medium sized hound. At home, he loves to chase and be chased by Dusty, the cat. Despite his rather unsettled past, he has not one aggressive bone in his energetic little body. We are hoping that he will have a long and happy life in our forever home! Thanks again for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful pet.

Alison & Terry