Lin Lin

Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

LinLin_March_10Lin Lin (now Lily) has made some remarkable progress since coming to us at the end of April. Lily loves food more than any dog we’ve ever known and keeping her figure slim and trim can be a real challenge- especially due to her adorable face which cries out for treats! She invites “awws!” and “oh my gosh”es from passersby on our daily walks. Most people who meet her can’t believe our little girl is 5 years old! Coming home to Lily is always a delightful experience as she’s taken to pawing at the door, wagging her tail and “barking” (as well as a devocalized dog can!) as soon as she catches a glimpse of us. She sits in the window and watches for us around 4pm every day and then runs to the door as soon as she sees us coming up the porch. We’re then subjected to a few minutes of “crazy pug” as she runs around, climbs all over us and kisses us. This playtime is cherished by both of us. She’s become a real cuddlepug, snuggling on top of us or next to us while we relax in the evenings. She has recently been allowing us access to her belly for rubs. We’re so proud of her and how far she’s come in only the last 6 weeks. She’s been a great addition to our family – thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!

Amanda & Owen