Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

We just want to let you know how much we love our little Lexi Lou! She is such a cuddler–she just can’t get close enough! She has settled in so well to our family and she and her “big sister” Willow the golden retriever love each other and cuddle together in my lap every morning and chase squirrels in the backyard. We watch her do “puppy Indy 500” in the backyard–she just runs and runs with a big smile on her face. Lexi makes us laugh every day. She loves to play with her toys and wrestle with the stuffed sheep she got for Christmas. She plays hide and seek with my husband Pat every day and loves to play fight with him on the carpet. When I ask her if she wants to go for a walk, she jumps about a metre in the air and cries! On our walks she chases after Willow and sniffs everything, and she is very social with other dogs and she is really coming out of her shell with people–she’s not nearly as timid as she used to be. My family is crazy about her, especially my mom who has been spending alot of time with us after major surgery and she loves it when Lexi jumps up for a snuggle.

Thanks again for sending Lexi our way–We can’t imagine not having her.

Joanne & Patrick