Age: 9
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

July 4, 2018…later – I have found my forever home with the exquisite Reese…..a 10 year old puggle who really found his way to my heart.

July 4, 2018 – I am doing very well and had a home visit at a place where there is a very nice puggle and I seem to have fallen in love with him.

June 19, 2018 – With all this nice weather also comes the heat. I don’t mind the heat, but prefer to stay inside where mums house is nice and cool! I think I’m pretty cool, collected kinda girl!- I’m pretty chill for the most part, except when I hear fireworks, now those bother me more than bugs! On a positive note, I don’t chew things which is something mum loves about me. I’m in great shape too!- I can jump quite high onto the back of mums couch from the floor. I haven’t had any accidents in the house and can hold everything in for about 7 hours or more! From when mum goes to bed at 11pm until my boys wake up 6:30 or 7am on weekends. I will go to the door when i need to go. Or sometimes I jump up at the door to get some ones attention.  I love meal times!- I can give you either paw when asked too!- I also like to sneeze to show how much I love food.  I really love my walks!- I don’t mind my harness either!. I can go for really long walks too!  Now I mentioned I love my walks, but I also love sleep and naps just as much!- I will cuddle up with anyone!  Other than the silly smoke alarm that im not a big fan of. Not much else bothers me. I’m a pretty tough girl!  I love to nibble on blankets or what ever is close to me. I also like to make sure my blanket is extra fluffy before going to bed at night!

June 10, 2018 – Its hard to believe that another week has passed by, the weeks go by so fast!- I keep hoping that a really nice family will look at my profile and think” well now, that at that pretty lady, she needs a great home!” Mum keeps telling me over and over again just how sweet I am and how come no one wants to get to know me?!- I really want nothing more than a loving new human family that loves me for my quirkiness!- I already know how cute and pretty I am. I’m also in great Health!- I can run really fast!- I love to run around mums fenced yard many times!. I even love to go on trampolines and watch my human boys. I’m also very good at having no accidents in mums house!- even when they sleep in later on weekends. Now when I’m outside, I wish I could stay outside all day!- I think mum has caught onto me wanting to go outside just to sun bathe and try and catch those pesky squirrels and chipmunks. Okay and maybe birds too!
Eating habits- mum has been trying to get me to try some interesting healthy and dog friendly safe fruits and veggies. I love watermelon and shredded carrots so far. And well of course my dog food and dead bugs are tasty too! Now that the rain has stopped after what seems like forever last week, I can get back to having long walks again. I don’t mind the rain, but my humans aren’t fond of it, not sure Why?!
I also don’t mind when my feet are wiped clean after a rainy walk. It feels weird, but at least I don’t get my big comfy bed wet and dirty. Or as mum keeps calling it the couch.I love it when someone puts a movie on for me at bedtime!- then it’s no so quiet. I use to watch Benjamin button. Now I get to watch “catch me if you can”! It’s a good movie too! I have to admit, I really don’t like it when I see other animals in movies. And I’m very good at stating my opinion on it as well! That loud, noisy beeping thing that goes off sometimes when food is cooking is something I really don’t like. I know if I hide under a table the noise stops.  Aside from eating dead bugs and food crumbs I’m able to find on occasion, I also like to occasionally lick feet and other exposed human parts that are at my level. I think mum caught me fluffing up my bed. I like to push my blanket around with my nose to make it extra fluffy and comfy!
Have a great week everyone!

June 3, 2018 – Weekends are my favorite part of the week!- then again, who doesn’t love it when your human friends are home for 2 days!! I had a great time this weekend at Genevieve’s yard sale! Im still not too sure of other dogs, but I’m sure I could warm up to them eventually. I’m really curious abouts cats too!  I have to say, I think I’m in very good shape! I don’t feel like I’m 9. I certainly don’t act like I’m 9. I can also run really fast!, I’m told I act more like a 5 yr old. I hate to brag, but I can go a pretty long time without needing to go outside. I heard mum say to me the other day “wow!- you held everything in for 8 hours last night!” I will definitely let you know when I gotta go!- I like to jump up at the door and stare at someone. Mum says she thinks I like to outside just to smell the air sometimes. Who doesn’t like eating?!- that’s like saying who doesn’t like cake?!- I love my meal times!- Mum feeds me twice a day. I will even chat a bit when mum asks me if I’m hungry while holding my bowl. I love my walks!- my younger human friends love walking me!- they say I’m a good walker even though I like to smell lots of posts and poles. I love my big bed! I sleep very well on it, even when everyone is gone to bed.- or what mum calls the couch. Im not sure why she calls it that? Mum and dad really aren’t good at sharing my couch with me either. I keep trying to claim what I think is mine ( the couch) but they keep telling me I have to share. Not sure why? after all, there is a loveseat all 4 of them can sit on – Fears..im one tough girl!- well except for the sound of the stove timer and the smoke alarm. Those are some scary noises!- I really dont like those noises!- I try to hide under the end table. But then my human friends will cuddle with me and tell me everything is alright! My best quirks are ( and I’m very proud to admit ) are- I often have fits of what is called a reverse sneeze. It’s pretty funny to hear!- I also like to lick the furniture, or anything really!- I also like to roll around on dead worms!- their the best and I smell so great after! I also like to bark at the sound of fire works!- one day I’ll actually get them!

May 29, 2018 – Another week gone by, boy time flies by fast!- This weather is fantastic!- I’m loving it!!- I’m so well behaved when mum and dad are outside with me in the back yard, at least that’s what I keep hearing. I got to meet a cat today. That was interesting, wasn’t really sure of what to make of her though. I got a little to excited to get close to her- Abby was her name. She wasn’t too keen on meeting me though. Mum and dad always tell me I’m such a good girl when they come home or get up in the morning I’m assuming it’s because I make no messes while they are sleeping or gone away during the day.  Gosh I look forward to my meal times!!- mum and dad says I eat a bit fast, but eat well and quick. I also like to eat anything that could remotely look like food on the floor. Including tiny bits of paper. My walks with my human foster buddies are my favorite part of the day! I’m walked at least 3 times a day and love every minute of it! I don’t mind the rain either. Thunder and lightning are no fear for me either. Let’s talk about naps! Now I talked about walks, now let’s talk about naps. I may love my walks, but I love naps and sleeping just as equally! I guess that where the getting old part sets in. But then again, who doesn’t love naps. Apparently I’m a bit of a couch hog that likes to spread out and push on what ever human body parts my feet touch. I think my human buddies just make that part up 😉 I think I sleep well at night, I hear mum tell me every morning.  In my opinion the quirkier, the better. Other than jumping up on the back of the couch like a rabbit, I think I’m a pretty cool lady!- okay, now maybe that’s a little fib. I’m a pretty special lady and the home I get to live in forever in will be one special family!  I will be at the June 2 UMWPR Garage Sale this Saturday if you want to come and meet me from 9 to 4.

May 22, 2018 – My Name is Lexi and this is my story!   I am a very sweet mix of Boston Terrier and Pug that barely sheds AND that loves everyone that comes to my very cool foster home! Now, I may not have that smooshed in look that one of parents had, but let me tell ya, I certainly have lots of pug traits.  I may be 9 years old, but don’t let that number fool you! My foster mum says she has a hard time believing I’m the age I am due to how much energy I have! She thinks I’m part bunny rabbit as I can jump from the floor to the top of the couches with ease! The vet also said I’m in great health!  I also can hold my bladder for a good length of time!- I dont make any messes in the house at night when all my human buddies are in bed or when the leave to go to school and work. I have to admit though…When I see someone come in the front door..i get really excited!!!- only because it’s very boring when my humans friends leave and I have no one to sit and cuddle with.  I LOVE FOOD!!!- I love it so much that I will eat dead ants if they look appetizing in the moment. My foster mum has been working with me lots in the past 2 weeks of getting me to sit patiently for my meals, I think I’ve done pretty good so far, I look at her and wait for her to say “okay” for me to eat. I will also sneeze to show how much I love meal times.  Do I really love going for walks!!!- I walk pretty good, I do however like to smell lots of posts and sometimes I insist on staying until im good and ready to move to the next best post!  My biggest wish would be to have a really big bed to sleep and to share it with a human. My foster mum and dad think its best for me to sleep on the couch. Do I snore?….maybe just a little.  Mum is very sweet and puts a movie on for me every night, so I don’t get lonely.  I think I’m a pretty fearless dog..I always tell them big dogs not to bother me!- even though I’m sure they could beat me up no problem. (But don’t tell them that okay).  My foster mum says my biggest quirk is stealing seats!- especially if its cool in the room and you get up for a quick minute to make a tea or coffee…that’s it…that nice warm seat is all mine!!! Lastly, my foster mum says she gets a chuckle out of how I gently nibble on blankets. I don’t chew them, but it’s a comfort thing. Mum just smiles and says…Im one special dog!!  Lastly to sum up, my novel is how much I loved this past weekend!- I had a great time at mum and dad’s cottage!. They have these lower windows that I can see out of and are surrounded by water. Mum really wanted to see if I liked water…well boy did I show her!!!- I REALLY love water!!!- mum says it’s a good thing she had something tied to me as I would have swam out a good distance. It was a bit cold but that’s okay..I had a great time at the beach this morning. Last night was great too!!- we sat around a nice warm fire…my human friends roasted marshmallows and I watched the ground to ensure nothing was dropped.. There were some really loud bang noises that I just had to bark at…mum laughed and said I was silly for barking at the fireworks.  What a great weekend it was!- now I’m off to take a well deserved nap, cause after all, it’s exhausting being a dog!!


May 14, 2018 -Lexi is a great dog, she loves everyone she meets! She loves going for walks, as well as sniff every pole or hydrant. Lexi does not like ballons or the sound of smoke alarms or stove timers. When travelling by vehicle, she does best in a back seat. She will still pant and shake, but not to the degree she did when we first got her. She also does not like to be behind a barrier of a gate and will whine. She also does not like crates.  Lexi is obsessed with balls and squeaky toys.   Lexi is now looking for her forever home.  An active family would be best suited for this busy girl.  Lexi would also be best as an only dog.

May 11, 2018 – Lexi had her teeth cleaned (she lost 7) and the little growth removed on her eyelid on April 25 and she is doing  very well. She is eating soft food at the moment and noticed she gets really excited when she hears the can opener and a metal bowl. We think she was primarily fed wet food, due to her level of excitement.
The dog trainer came to visit our house tonight to observe and direct us in the right direction to curb Lexi’s obsession with animals on the TV as well as her whininess. She is a quick learner and have lots of confidence will do well with training and guidance on our end and ongoing in her permanent home.
Lexi is a very active girl and would do very well in an active home.

April 19, 2018 – Lexi loves all humans. Dogs….not so much.  Lexi loves to play with squeaky toys and balls very much.  She will not stop at any lengths to fetch and retrieve. Lexi will jump up towards our T.V if she sees or hear a dog on it. While on the subject of dogs, she is not a big fan of any dog especially big ones.  In terms of sleeping habits, we have discovered she does not like to sleep alone. Our boys take turns sleeping with her on our main floor and they said she is a big cuddler. Lexi will not eat straight up dry food. Lexi does well on her walks. Lexi is going to get her teeth cleaned and get the little lump on her left eyelid removed on April 24.

April 9, 2018 – Lexi went to the vet for a complete check up on Friday.  She is a solid 23.5lbs girl and would benefit from losing 2lbs.  Lexi has been brought up to date in her vaccination and she is getting her teeth cleaned and the little lump on her left eye removed on Aril 24.  Lexi is exceptionally good with people but we think that she would do better as an only dog as she doesn’t like dogs getting in her face.

April 3, 2018 – Lexi is settling nicely. She walked in our house and settled like she’s part of the family. She’s a great eater but we have to keep our eye on the other dogs food or she’ll help herself…lol. We’ve also noticed her favourite spot to lay during the day is on the back of our sofas! Preferably behind one of our heads ! Lexi is running around and playing outside with the other dogs and loves the interaction! On leash, she is pretty good and walks beautifully with the other three. We gave her a nice bath and she sat like a princess and had a nice wash. Lexi is going to the vet this Friday for a complete check up.

March 31, 2018 – Lexi arrived today, she was surrendered by her owner who didn’t have the time to look after her anymore.  Lexi is a Boston/Pug and she is 9 years old.  She is used to small dogs and kids.  Lexi will be going to the vet in the coming week for a complete check up.  Stay tuned for more info on Lexi as we get to discover her personality.