Age: 3 years old
Adoption Status:

LimpoohLeon is great. I personally think that he is the perfect, model pug. He is very intelligent, obedient and overall, a well-behaved dog. He has definitely adjusted to his new environment and gets along perfectly with my other pug. I’m pretty sure Leon likes me just as much as well because at any opportunity he can find he will try to be on my lap. I could be working, or watching TV and next thing I see is Leon on my lap. He is amazingly fast! …I remember the first week that I had him…it was funny because somehow word had spread that there was a brindle pug in the neighbourhood. I was approached on several occasions by complete strangers while walking him and be asked, “is that Leon?” …I found that pretty funny. People sure seem to like pugs!

I am very happy to have adopted Leon. He is a great dog! Thanks again Genevieve. It’s been a very positive experience and I wish you all the best. I couldn’t have found a better dog!