Age: 1 year old
Adoption Status:

TiaAdoptedTia has made herself right at home and she has even taken on the role of “head honcho”, in fact the similarities between Tia and our wonderful, but now deceased Teegah are quite uncanny. She loves to give Roy the “Spa treatment” which always includes a full hairwash. The first two hours of every day involves Tia and Jock running around like crazy fools and then the next two hours of every day Tia and Jock crash and cuddle up together, often with our old girl pugs. I must admit though that often our old girls sit and look down their noses at these two young ruffians, as if to say ” Honestly the youth of today!!”

Thank you Genevieve for giving us Lea/Tia just at the time when we needed her most, she has helped us to heal!

Lynda and Roy