Age: 4 years old
Adoption Status:

libby_018It has been over a month since Liberty ( Libby) came to us for foster and now adopted. She was named Juliette by Julie who transported her and we loved the name. Libby is one of the Paws R Us dogs that were seized in September and Len and I had been going to Lachute every Saturday to volunteer and help. We had bonded with Libby and had named her Freedom but then changed it to Liberty and the name stuck. When we were asked to foster her we of course said yes and she fits in right away. She is an adorable pug and we thank UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue again for giving us the chance to help her begin a new life in our home. So here we go again ” Welcome Liberty ” and Thank you UMWPR so much.

Tauny & Len