Age: 8
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

July 30, 2018 – Joe is gone to his forever home on July 28, he will live with Sol, the pug.

July 17, 2018 – We have decided to put Joe up for adoption but we will want his adoptive to continue working on his weight loss journey.  If you are up for that challenge, please fill out the Adoption Application that you will find on our website.

July 16, 2018Joe has really enjoyed the cooler mornings and evenings this week and the pep is back in his step when we go for our walks.  I think with his 5lb weight loss he is already feeling the positive effects.  The heat doesn’t seem to be bothering him quite as much.  He has even started to ask to go out just to sunbathe when just a few weeks ago he would ask to come back in after 10 minutes in our backyard which unfortunately doesn’t offer much shade.  Joe has also started using some of the numerous dog beds in the house and is cuddling on my lap even more.  When he first arrived he only wanted to lay down on the cool floor tiles. Joe has settled down quite a bit although he is still active and if he doesn’t get enough exercise he tends to look for mischief.  Joe loves to go anywhere especially if its in the car.  He loves to go visit and loves to have visitors.  On our walks he’s in heaven when the kids at the park surround and fuss over him. He very good with kids lapping up their attention with a wagging tail but doesn’t jump up on them.  Joe enjoys helping around the house especially making beds and vacuuming.  This big sweetheart loves to be vacuumed and brushed although he barely sheds. Joe also enjoys gardening especially if he gets to nibble on some of the vegetables. He now lets me clean his ears with little fuss although doing his nails still takes two people.  There isn’t much more I can say about this big boy other than he is an absolute sweetheart.

July 4, 2018 – Joe continues to be a joy to foster.  This sweet boy is very affectionate and has a very distinct personality.  He is stubborn and a little mischievous and he is a constant source of  entertainment.  I really don’t understand why this joyful pug is so overweight.  Joe is the least food obsessive pug I have every had.  Don’t get me wrong if you give him food he will eat it but he never begs and he never acts like he is starving and hasn’t eaten for weeks like most pugs I know.  At dinner time I have to take his toy away from him and show him that dinner is ready which he gobbles up readily, but unlike most pugs he isn’t constantly reminding me  an hour ahead it is dinner time.  When our family sits down to dinner he is usually on the sofa sucking, (yes I said sucking) his stuffy like a puppy.  This boy is toy obsessed.  Yesterday morning I found him on my dining room table.  He jumped up on top of one of the dog crates and jumped on the table because he some how knew a toy was on the table.  The day before Joe was climbing on the back of the recliner trying to get over the half wall in the kitchen to get a toy that had been left on the kitchen table.  Joe is very resourceful when he wants his toys.  Joe has been finding the heat very hard.  Walks have been much shorter and he walks much slower even with a cooling jacket on.  Fortunately he appears to enjoy the pool and has been cooling off as well as getting a bit of exercise in the pool I have just for the pugs.  Joe has also proved to be quite a good swimmer.

June 21, 2018 – Joe went to Rehab Fur Your Pet this afternoon and, he is delighted to announce he weighed in at 29.8lbs.  Joe continues to be a joy to foster and, he is becoming a real snuggle pug.  He gets hot quickly so he likes to keep his butt on my lap and then he stretches the rest of his body over the armrest of the sofa and across the end table knocking off anything in his way.  Joe loves to watch T.V.  His eyesight appears to be very good as he barks at any animal he sees on the screen even if it just flashes on for a second.  This sweet boy is very sociable and wants to greet every person and dog we see.  He will whine and cry and drag me across the park to meet the group of pups playing there.  He still doesn’t play with other dogs but he definitely enjoys being around them.  Joe will guard his toys and will growl and nip if one of the resident pugs gets too close but he seems to be fine in all other circumstances even around food.  He is fed right along with his foster brothers and he always finishes first.  He will watch for the others to finish and then check out their bowls just in case something is left in the bowl.  For a hefty boy, Joe is not food obsessed.  Like all pugs, he loves to eat but he doesn’t beg for food.  Joe loves to go shopping especially if the store has open bins of chewies that he can sneak a taste of.  Joe gets extremely excited to go in the car and will whine and jump around and will dash out of the door when we arrive at our destination so we use a seat belt clip to keep him safe.

June 10, 2018 – Joe is an adorable 31lbs (down 3lbs) of energy. This is boy loves to play and is very toy motivated. Even though he lost most of his front teeth during his dental procedure, Joe likes nothing better than a good game of tug of war and let me tell you, this pug is strong. Joe needs a family that will provide him with a lot of stimulation. Despite his size, he is a high energy dog. He is not a dog that would be happy sleeping away the day. Joe gets very excited when his harness comes out although he hates putting it on over his head. He has learned to sit and is learning to wait when we go to open the door. As soon as he sees my hand reach for the door, he plops his butt right on the floor. Waiting for the OK to go out or in a door is a little more challenging but, he is definitely learning. Joe is walking much better on the leash and we can walk him with the resident pugs very nicely. Joe is a power walker. He just wants to go. We practically have to jog to keep up with him. He will stop to smell or pee occasionally but he is not a pug that wants to go for a leisurely stroll. Last night, he went on a pack walk with dogs of all sizes and dispositions and had a ball. Joe doesn’t socialize or play with other dogs but he seems very interested when he sees them. The only thing that seems to slow this sweet boy down is the heat. The few warm days we have had have definitely affected his energy levels while he is outside. It is sad to see because he loves to be outside. His ability to cope with warm weather will improve as he continues to lose weight.  Joe continues to go to hydrotherapy twice a week and he LOVES it.

May 28, 2018 – Joe has his teeth cleaned on Thursday May 24 and lost 15 teeth but I doubt that it will slow this sweet boy down. Joe is an absolutely lovable character. He loves his toys but we had to put many of the toys away (as he was destroying them) and keep out the more durable ones. However, he sits outside the room where the toys are hidden and waits for an opportunity to sneak in and grab one of the forbidden toys. Joe is a very vocal pug and will throw a tantrum, scream and bite the leash and shake it if I make him wait to go out the door or get into the car. This big boy even managed to pull right out of his harness. He is slowly learning patience. Joe is an extremely affectionate boy, his tail rarely stops wagging and once he loses some weight I’m sure he’ll be a wonderful cuddler. He tries to sit on my lap but he gets hot very quickly and goes to find a cooler place to lay down. Joe gets along well with the resident pugs and likes to be with them but he seems confused when they try to get him to play. Joe is a little possessive of his toys but is also respectful and will not try to take a toy from his foster brothers. Joe has settled really well into his new environment and no longer needs a belly band and when I go out he lies by the front door and waits for me to come home. Joe is a joy to have around. Joe has started hydrotherapy sessions yesterday, that should help him to slowly and smoothly lose all those extra lbs.

May 11, 2018 – Joe came in a little over a week ago.  He was found stray and never claimed by his owner.  Joe is extremely overweight and he is neutered. He is 34lbs.  We have started him on a reduced balanced diet and regular short daily walks.  Joe is a sweet boy with a tail that is always wagging.  He gets along very well with other dogs. Joe will be going to the vet in the coming week for a complete check up.