Adoption Status:

jennylolaLola came to us in March 2010 and now I can’t imagine the house without her. She was immediatly loving and sweet. She follows at my heels around the house and loves to cuddle up on my lap or snuggle in for a nap on the couch. New to walks at first, she now asks for them by getting her leash out of the basket. Shy with other dogs, she is outgoing and wrestles and plays every day with her new brother Orson. She loves going to the dog park as long as Orson and mom or dad are near by to run to when things get busy. She’s had many new adventures: camping, kayaking on mom’s lap (looking mighty cute in her lifejacket), dog parks, Mayfair bark-a-long screenings to name the highlights. One of her favourite things in the backyard is the rasberry bush. It looks like it’s been trampled by a bear, but it’s just our little lolapea getting as many berries as she can. She’s a real sweet pea, and we love her to bits! Thank you UMW for rescuing this affectionate little pug.