Age: 10 years old
Adoption Fees: $600 for both
Adoption Status:

December 7, 2018 – Jazz & Tutu are gone to their forever home today.  They will share their life with Rocco, the bug.

November 29, 2018Jazz had his teeth cleaned on November 27. He had 17 teeth extracted and already had 16 missing The vet said they were some of the worst they had seen. He will be so much happier now having them out. He will be on pain medication for 5 days. Jazz also had a cyst/lump removed from his forehead. He has some stitches on his head that will have to be removed in 10-14 days. He also has to wear a cone so that he wont scratch the stitches while they are healing. The cone also detracts his sister Tutu from trying to groom him. Today Jazz is doing well, a little sleepy, but getting back to his old self. Jazz and his sister continue to sleep in their big dog bed together. He’s a little shy about his haircut for the cyst removal and hopes his hair grows back fast.
Tutu missed her brother Jazz all day while he was at the vet having his teeth and lump removal. They were very happy to be reunited yesterday evening and she has been keeping close watch on him. She is giving him extra snuggles and always by his side. She isn’t a fan of the cone he’s wearing because she wants to give him kisses and comfort him, but she’s a good girl listening to her foster parents. Tutu has also switched diets from Raw to Kibble as her tummy was also not adjusting well. She loves kibble and has no trouble with it despite her tongue sometimes in the way. She is doing all her pees and poops outside and is getting used to the winter weather. Both Jazz and Tutu seem to have let their guards down even more so this week. They have been extra snuggly with their foster parents, practically glued to us. They are so smart and such good dogs. They are very excited to be available for adoption and hope someone is willing to welcome them into their home. Meet them this Saturday ate Rens Pets on Standherd Drive in Barrhaven from 11AM to 330PM.  Note that Jazz & Tutu are a bonded pair and will not be adopted separately.


November 22, 2018Jazz is doing well and is getting his teeth cleaned on November 27.  Like most pugs, Jazz is not a fan of winter, he tries really hard to not go outside and has tried to mark inside a couple times. But with some positive reinforcement he has figured it out. We’ve started walking Jazz & Tutu on separate leashes because Tutu is so bossy, she doesn’t give him enough time to pee and poop. This new arrangement allows Jazz to take his time and smell around as long as he likes. He walks well on leash and enjoys walks as long as its not too cold out. Jazz has transitioned to raw very well.  Jazz and Tutu snuggle in a big dog bed together. We make it available to them during the day as they can often be found snuggling there with toys. Jazz loves stuffed toys. He carries them around in his mouth and likes to hide them in his bed. Jazz likes chasing his foster sister around the house. Jazz has no fears other than a little skittish with loud noises on the street. He doesn’t mind the vacuum cleaner. Jazz does bark at dogs on leash but is very friendly with them up close.  At the Furry Fans night on November 19,  Jazz became very smitten with a little boy who came to visit him about three times. The third time the little boy lay on the floor on his back to play with him and Jazz laid on his tummy and snuggled him. It was so sweet people stopped to notice how gentle he is. Throughout the event many children came to visit and he crawled into their laps and gave kisses and let them pet him. Tutu had her stitches removed from her vulva cyst removal. The vet said she healed very nicely. Many people at the Furry Fans night couldn’t believe she was 10years old because she is so full of life. Tutu staged a huge protest against an early winter. She refused to pee and then peed indoors. With a lot of patience and positive reinforcement, she has figured it out and does her business outside.  Tutu loves walks, when it isn’t too cold out. She is bossy and wants to be the leader of the pack. We walk her on a separate leash now so that her brother has time to do his business. Tutu has transitioned to raw food.  Tutu sleeps with her brother Jazz in a big dog bed. She lets him gets settled first before she finds her spot on the bed. Tutu loves to play. She likes stuffed animals and loves when people interact with her. She especially loves when she is called a “good girl”. She follows her foster parents everywhere. Tutu has no fears and doesn’t mind the vacuum cleaner. Tutu will bark at other dogs if her brother Jazz does but she is very friendly with the dogs. She does not like to be far from her brother Jazz. They are best friends and are always together. Tutu likes to groom her brother Jazz after the dinner time walk. She grooms his head, ears and sides. He also does it to her. They both love it, it goes on for about 15 – 30 mins. They get very excited when we come back inside after walks and are usually ready for playtime. Jazz and Tutu play together a lot, sometimes they play fight- but they are very gentle with one another.  They are a wonderful pair and very easy to look after. They already look so much happier and calmer since arriving here. They are used to our routine and know how to tell time (especially at breakfast and dinner time).

November 13, 2018 -Jazz is adjusting in his new foster home really well. He is very cuddly. He especially loves women. Jazz is getting his teeth cleaned on November 27. Jazz had a bath and loved all the attention he was getting. Jazz loves going for walks he squeals when you put his coat and harness on. He likes to walk on a coupler with his sister Tutu. Jazz is transitioning to raw diet and he really likes it. Jazz sleeps in a big bed curled up with his sister Tutu. Jazz isn’t used to being picked up and held. We are working on him being more comfortable with that. Jazz gets along really well with the resident pugs.
Tutu has made herself quite at home and is very comfortable here. She prefers men but will snuggle with anyone available. She loves her chest rub. Tutu had her teeth cleaned last week and had a cyst removed near her vulva. Tutu has had no accidents in the house.  Tutu loves going for walks. She walks on a coupler with her brother Jazz and she is the leader. They walk very well on leash. They seemed overly excited the first few walks. But now they know it is just part of our routine so they  now walk really well on leash. Tutu is transitioning to raw food and loves it. Tutu likes to snuggle her brother in their big bed together. Tutu hasn’t played too much yet. But she has been very interested in everything the people in the house are doing. She follows everywhere you go and must be next to you when you are relaxing on the couch.  Tutu is really a very happy girl and loves her foster siblings. Tutu is the Boss lady. She’s the boss of Jazz and wants to be the boss of the house. She humps Jazz to show dominance. But she is a big baby. Overall Jazz & Tutu are the most wonderful pair. They are very calm and sweet and extremely connected. They do not like to be in separate rooms and depend on each other.

November 6, 2018 -Jazz & Tutu have settled in nicely into their new routine.  They are both extremely well behaved and love any attention they can get.  They love going on walks and they get very excited when they see the leashes come out.  They are very bonded to each other and are rarely apart.  They are very respectful of the senior pug of the house and they don’t give the resident cats a second glance.  They love meeting new people and are not in the least bit shy.  At bed time, they climb into their dog bed together and are quiet for the entire night.  They love to have cuddle time and belly rubs with anyone willing to provide it.  We love having them around and they are so easy to take care of.  Tutu had her teeth cleaned yesterday, she lost 7 but already had lots missing.  She now has 4 teeth left in her mouth.  Jazz is getting his teeth cleaned on November 27.  Come meet those 2 precious pugs on November 24 from 11 to 3 at Ren’s Pets on Baseline Road in Ottawa.

October 18, 2018 – Jazz & Tutu are adapting well to their new surroundings.  They are definitely bonded to each other.  They love the outdoors and going for long walks.  They are going to the vet tomorrow for a complete check up and to get microchipped.

October 16, 2018 – Jazz & Tutu are brother and sister, they are 10 years old. They were surrendered because of allergies in the family.  Stay tuned for more on these sweet dogs as we get to know them more.  Jazz & Tutu are a bonded pair so we will be looking at adopting them together.