Age: 3 years old
Adoption Status:

J-TWhat did we ever do without pugs in our life ? They are so lovely and we are so in love already that we are having to make a real effort not to coddle them. The kids all stood nice and still and greeted their Dad first then the dogs calmly. I took them on a walk right away. They are so smart bc when I would stop if they were getting out ahead of me, they would (eventually) look up at me for the next step! I’m already so proud of them! They are lying on their BEAUTIFUL dog bed right now resting. Thank you so much for such a lovely gift. They did not seem to want to go in their cage so I put their new squeaky toys in first, then they went in to get them and came right out but got big praises for even going in. Later they went in and I gave them a small treat each and rubbed them and talked “Mommy Voice” (you know the “Mommys pugs are So smart bc they’re already learning so many things and they’re adorable and….”) while they stayed in for a couple of minutes. I can hear them snoring now.

After their walk I fed them and then back out for them to eliminate and Taz did a pooh/pee right away. MAJOR PRAISE!! Tutu held her pee until about one hour ago but also did it outside so she was so happy with all the attention from that! So was I. They have basically been out on leash (with water) with us all afternoon so they must be exhausted by now. They are already starting to look at me when I open the door, bc I insist on going first.

When we were on our walk, a dog barked in the distance and Tutu looked up anxiously at Taz and he kind of rubbed her and gave her a lick as if he was saying, “It’s okay sweetie, we’re safe”. I could have cried right there at the thought of them being separated. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the work you all do to enable you to bless us with such a precious gift.

Pam, Claudio & the kids