Age: 11 years old
Adoption Status:

Jill_Sad 2February 11, 2014 – Imagine being able to provide and care for this handsome senior gentleman; hopefully alongside his sister Jill, as they have never been separated. Imagine providing a warm, loving environment for these two that want only to please and love you more than they love themselves. UMWPR knew that when we agreed to take in and care for Jake and Jill that it may take awhile to find the perfect loving home that is able to care for two senior dogs. Jake and Jill may be aged, but are as happy and healthy as they come. They have both received clean bills of health, are relatively active for their age, have great clear eyes, and can keep up with you more than you think. Don’t be afraid of the seniors, they make for amazing companions – and cuddlers! If you think that you are able to provide Jake (and hopefully his sister Jill) a beloved home, or know someone who may be interested, please contact us HERE.

January 17, 2014 – Jake and Jill are doing great! They are sweet, gentle pugs. They are not barkers and even in the chaos of feeding time, they both sit quietly waiting for their food. Jake is the more laid back and quiet of the two. He loves nothing more than to curl up in his donut bed which sits nearby on the sofa. Jill prefers to stay right beside one of us. If we need to get up for any reason, she is right there with us. When we are not around, Jill tends to either climb into the donut bed with Jake, or she will lay on the edge of it. Jill is able to climb some stairs, but she would rather not. Jake on the other hand has no problem doing so. In the morning, Jake likes to follow me upstairs and sit at my feet while I get ready. He has the most gorgeous teddy bear face! You just want to squeeze him. Jill is a beautiful little girl who constantly watches us with her big bright eyes. They love to receive any attention you can provide and they are not afraid to ask for it either by putting their paws on you as if to say “Please give me some loving!”. They are a wonderful pair of seniors who are no trouble and are in great health. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting these 2 beautiful pugs.

November 18, 2013 – Please look at the beautiful faces of this bonded pair and consider providing them with their ultimate forever home. Jake and Jill are a docile pair who thoroughly take pleasure in all the cuddles and attention that they have been receiving since coming into the rescue. To no fault of their own, they look only for a place to be together until their final days. Jake and Jill are still full of much energy and joy and will add enchantment to any home. This pair could still stand to lose a couple of pounds and this should be no issue with constant walking and exercise. Should you be looking to add to your four-legged family or even start a new one, you will not be let down bringing this pair into your life. If you are interested in meeting Jake and Jill or know someone who may be able to love them forever.

J_JMonkeyNovember 6, 2013 – Jake & Jill are doing extremely well. They have settled into their new routine and accidents in the house are now few and far between. They are both easy going pugs but have no problem letting you know that they need some cuddle time. Jack is a real talker when he needs you. He will sit at the gate at the bottom of the stairs and let you know that he needs to come back down to him. Jill on the other hand is only vocal when exerting herself. She is so funny when going on walks or climbing the stairs to the second floor. They are such sweet pugs. We love having them around. They have lots of love to give. The other night they were actually play fighting with each other. It was so nice to see!

Jake_Feb15October 21, 2013 – Jake is such a sweet pug. His beautiful smile and kind nature will melt anyone’s heart. Jake LOVES the attention and is always looking for a hand to pet him. Jake would make an amazing companion to someone who is looking for a big teddy bear to cuddle with. Despite his age, Jake loves to go for walks and enjoyed lying in the sun at Brewer Park Farmers Market yesterday. He gets along very well with every dog. Please consider adopting this sweet boy, you won’t regret it.

October 10, 2013 – Jake had his teeth cleaned and he lost 2. Jake had a little lump near his right front paw but the vet said it is benign so he didn’t remove it. Jake has a mild ear infection so he will be going back home with Surolan. He’s also going back home with Metacam (pain killer) and Noroclav (antibiotics). If you are interested in opening your heart and home to this beautiful soul, please contact us HERE. A special adoption rate could be given for someone interested in adopting Jake & Jill together.

October 6, 2013 – This charmer arrived in with his sister yesterday afternoon and had a full afternoon of charming audiences at our Pet Valu info day. Weighing in at a hefty 25 lbs., Jake has been immediately put on a reduced intake diet and will start to walk off those pounds with this foster mom and sister. Jake is definitely a people pug, pawing my arm off as I type trying to get more loves. A perfect cuddler, fitting snuggly into the crook of your arm, Jake is surprisingly spry for his weight, although a little hesitant of the stairs at first. He is adapting to his new surroundings and is quite content to laze his day away lounging, in true pug style. Although currently separated, UMWPR would be thrilled to have Jake adopted along with his sister Jill, so that they may continue to live their lives together. Jake will visit the vet soon for a checkup and possible dental work. Stay tuned as we learn more about Jake.

October 5, 2013 – Please help us welcome our newest brother and sister addition, Jake and Jill. Due to their owner’s circumstance, this pair has been lovingly surrendered to us in order to find them their new forever home. Jake & Jill have lived their entire lives together and we will do our best to keep them together. Jake & Jill are both 11 years old and are in need of a new exercise and feeding regime that will whip them back into shape. Their ideal forever home(s) will walk them daily to help shed those extra pounds and will continue to love and spoil them as they are accustomed to being loved. Check back for updates on these two as we learn more about them through their foster families.