Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

HENRYWinston is doing awesome. He has fit in really well. It feels like he’s been part of the family for way longer than 6 weeks! We started obedience training last week. He’s a really smart dog! He’s already learned how to sit, lie down and watch me. Next we have to learn how to stay. He can get really excited so that one may take a while. We go for our walks every day and Winston is getting really good at walking on a leash (its really cute watching Winston and Benji walking shoulder to shoulder down the street!). He has also already lost 3.5 lbs. He now weighs 36.5lbs and the vet said we should try and get him to between 30-35 lbs. We go to the dogpark on the weekends and he loves running around. He’s really friendly and gets along with all the other dogs (I think he’s a little bit of a flirt!). Thank you so much for letting me adopt him!