Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

heidioutchairHeidi has found her home here with us and her new big brother Rocky. She has come a long way in the couple months since we adopted her, from the nervous little girl that runs and hides on her blanket to the smiley tart that wants to hang out with us all the time J. She seems to enjoy sitting with us and watching TV, chewing her rawhides, and occasionally meeting our daughter at the school bus after school. We call her “Heidi Squirrel” now instead of “Heidi Girl” because she delights in stealing toys and then hiding them in her bed, and she still amazes us with how fast she is! Woo that pug can run!! It took longest for our “old pug-fart” Rocky (he’s 11) to really warm up to her, but in the last month, they have finally started to play together, one pug on either end of a stuffed toy tuggin’ J Heidi has made a great addition to our family. Thanks so much UMWPR.