Age: 1
Adoption Fees: $750
Adoption Status:

October 31, 2022 – Grimm’s foster family fell in love with him and decided to adopt him.
October 3, 2022 – Grimm continues to be a very happy little guy. He enjoys his daily walks and play dates, outings in the car, and spending time with all of the humans in his foster family, and our large extended family. He follows like a little shadow and snuggles day and night.  He enjoys his raw diet, and has started showing interest in liver treats! He also started showing interest in chasing toys, but is still a bit lost on what to do with them once they are caught! We thought that he might figure it out while playing with Charlie, but when Charlie pursues a toy, Grimm just uses the distraction to jump on his head. Grimm has definitely found his voice and will react to knocking and doorbells, and noises he hears in the house like doors closing, or the kids playing. I moved the guinea pig enclosure closer to the ground, and now that Grimm understands what is happening, he barks less at the sound of their scampering. We are working on rewarding him when he stops barking, but his adoptive family would definitely have to be okay with a chatty guy.  This week Grimm has been doing all of his business outside with no problems.
Grimm appears very healthy. He is energetic, curious and bright. He has lost the little bit of extra padding he was carrying and is looking very fit!

September 26, 2022 – Grimm continues to be an adored addition to our family, and for very good reasons. He is devoted, friendly, curious and intelligent and thus a joy to welcome into anyone’s life.  He continues to have beautiful interactions with adults and children.  We did not interact with other dogs this week due to the rescue’s concerns about kennel cough.

If Grimm’s adoptive family has other dogs, they should be prepared to introduce them to Grimm gradually in deference to Grimm’s gentle nature.

Grimm is happiest when he alongside his people. We are only parted for a few hours here and there during the week, so we do not know how he would adjust to a household where he was more frequently alone. The rare time he is home alone, he stays in the kitchen, which has a baby gate. He has never caused any destruction.

Because Grimm is so well behaved, we are able to take him when we are visiting family, running errands, going for walks, or going to and from school. His favourite thing is when the whole family goes for a walk.  He will trot proudly in the middle. He will also stop and wait when our 7-year-old lags behind and wait for her to catch up before continuing on.

Grimm has started to bark in a few situations. He discovered the guinea pigs this week. We thought he was just indifferent to them before, but it turns out he just didn’t realize they were there!  He barks when he hears them moving around. He also barks when he hears a noise in another part of the house, and when someone passes or approaches the door. I believe he could be trained out of this, but need to do a little research about training that doesn’t include treats or toys.  Grimm loves his new raw food diet.  He continues to refused the treats and chews.

He continues to need his ears cleaned daily. As we have written before, Grimm has an inner-ear deformity and will require daily ear cleanings for life. He also needs his face washed daily because he has particularly wet eyes.  While Grimm loves attention, he continues to be baffled by toys. We are working on this, trying different toys in different environments.  Grimm’s adoptive family will have to be committed to taking him on their outings to ensure that he gets enough stimulation. He loves rides in the car and seeing new environments.

We are still in the process of figuring out Grimm’s bathroom habits, and he is trying to figure out his new routine. He spends lots of time outside with us on his leash, and he has unfettered access to the backyard, but we think this arrangement is different to him somehow and has required him to adjust.  During this phase, has had accidents in the house a few times, but we are confident that this behaviour will cease. Whatever his routine will be, he demands an audience and will not go without company 🙂  Grimm has received his Bordetella vaccine last week and will get his booster DHPP vaccine mid October.

September 19, 2022 – Grimm is an affectionate and energetic little man with a calm and happy disposition. Here are some details about he and his care. Grimm is completely housetrained.  He appears to be trained to do his business before he goes for a walk. He likes to have a bathroom buddy when he goes, so joining him in the yard is a must.  He has clear body language when he needs to go out. Sometimes he will go to the door, but other times, like if he is cuddled up with us, he will simply jump off the couch and look at us. It’s very clear if you are attuned to it. Grimm walks well on a leash. He is very interested in people and dogs that he meets on his walk. Grimm is walked twice a day for around 30 minutes. He also joins us on our outings during the day, and plays throughout the day. Grimm has excellent recall. For safety, we wouldn’t take him anywhere off leash, but he promptly responds to his name and requests to return to his handler. We get the impression that he was taught basic commands but that they were not reinforced. With a little work I believe that he would master sit, down, stay etc.

Grimm is calm and affectionate with adults and children.  He loves humans and other dogs. When out on a walk, he wants to stop to meet everyone. We have been cautious around other dogs because, while he is always eager to meet them, he often seems overwhelmed by excited, energetic dogs.  He may react differently with different dogs and with a longer timeframe of being relocated from his home. Grimm is used to cats as he had lived with a cat in a former life.

Grimm would do fine in a home with another dog, but he might be happier in a home with a slightly older pug (like maybe 3-6 years) than a younger puppy.

Grimm likes his snuggles, but he also likes his walks and to play! He communicates very effectively when he is done chilling and wants outside time, whether that is a walk, exploring the back yard, chasing a ball (but never bringing it back, lol), or a car ride. He will dance and twirl! And use his very expressive eyes and facial expressions to tell you what he wants.

At this point, Grimm doesn’t seem to know what to do with toys or chews. He shows interest in the squeaks, but loses interest after that initial response. We are working on teaching him how to play with toys! Grimm becomes winded quickly and does poorly in any heat, whether this is playing or walking or even in a warm room, this is likely due be because he is totally out of shape due to sedentary life prior to coming to us.  Grimm is crate trained, but we do not use one. He is a typical pug and wants to be near his people always.  Since his arrival, Grimm will get up at 7am, and goes to the backyard to do his business. He has very wet eyes and an ear deformity that makes it necessary to do this daily.

We will bring Grimm when it’s time to pick up the kids from school. Grimm is very calm near the school yard, and wags his tail vigorously when kids want to give him pats.  Grimm is used to stay in the kitchen, which is gated, with his bed, food and toys.
Grim had a surgery on hos left hind leg to correct Legg-Calve-Perthes. His right leg did not require any treatment at that time. His adoptive family might want to have an x-ray done on his right leg to monitor this condition.

Grimm has a structural malformation of his right ear and needs DAILY ear cleaning. Even with this, his ear will always have an excess of oil and grime and be prone to infections, owing to the ear’s inability to drain and loss of air circulation.  Grimm is lovable dog with an excellent disposition. He is responsive to instruction and we believe he will be receptive to training if his adoptive parents make it a priority.  We think that he would do well in a home with or without children. He may appreciate a companion with a similarly-mild disposition, which might be more likely in a slightly older dog. He is happy and playful! For example, yesterday he discovered that he could jump from our bed into a pile of blankets and pillows and bounce back out again, and he proceeded to do that a number of times with a giant doggy grin on his face! And if you put on music he is happy to be your dance partner.

September 12, 2022 – Grimm is doing well.  He is a very fussy eater but such a lovely boy.  He seems to love children.  Grimm is going to the vet today for a complete check up and to be brought up to date in his vaccination.

September 7, 2022 – Grimm is a black pug, he is born on January 25, 2021.  He is neutered and has had hip dysplasia surgery on his left hip.  Grimm is a good boy and we will get to discover him in the next weeks.