Adoption Status:

Goderick_JulyJuly 21, 2013 – Goderick is gone to his forever home this morning……where he will be spoiled by his new family.

July 13, 2013 – Goderick was at the vet yesterday for x-rays of his hind legs. He has mild hip dysplasia on the left side but for now (this is a genetic problem), the vet recommended to put him on glucosamine. He’s not in pain or in discomfort. With age, this problem could get worse and could require surgery if Goderick starts limping or showing signs of discomfort. Pleae contact us if you are interested in adopting this beautiful and sweet little guy.

July 8, 2013 – Goderick is an absolute joy to have around our home. He is really quite the charmer and gets lots of attention from people everywhere we go. Goderick enjoys playing fetch and ball, he can be active at times but also loves to just cuddle up with you on the couch. We had friends over for dinner with their puppy and Goderick played so well with him. Gets along with calm or active dogs he really is a very versatile little guy. He’s been getting walks twice a day and he’s getting much better at walking beside us, will still bark a little at other dogs but will a correction on leash he will stop. He was walking little funny so we took him to the vet for exam. The vet noticed he was in little pain when maneuvering his hind legs and recommended an x-ray to follow up to see what’s going on. He’s scheduled this Wednesday and will keep you posted on his progress. His hind legs do not stop him from being active and loves going on long walks.

Goderick_JuneJune 23, 2013 – Godrich is doing wonderful adjusting to his new environment. He sleeps well in crate at night in our bedroom and may whimper little in morning to let you know he has to go out. Considering he just was neutered few days ago, still has good energy and loves to play with squeaky toys or balls. We are working on leash manners and he’s doing great. He’s a very confident walker with a little bounce in his step lol! He will bark at dogs coming toward us, with a slight tug on his leash he does stop. Will come when called really smart little guy. Knows sit and stay. He’s just such a cute little teddy bear and loves to cuddle right up with you on your lap. He will follow you everywhere and enjoys lots of attention. Can be little vocal at times and doesn’t like to be left home alone, we are working on this and he’s progressing each day feeling more comfortable and calm. Godrich would do well in home with or without dogs/cats. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting Goderick.

June 21, 2013 – Goderick was neutered yesterday. He is recovering well. His appetite is good and he’s on pain meds for next couple days. He weighs 14.6 lbs tiny stocky little guy – all the staff at vet office just LOVED him! No accidents in house, sleeps well in crate. He is playful and loves to pay fetch but he’s also a couch potato. Just an all around wonderful little guy who is coming along well. Goderick is getting his stitches removed in 2 weeks and he will be brought up to date in his vaccination at the same time. He will soon be available for adoption.

IMG_3568June 19, 2013 – Goderick is an owner surrender. He is born on July 1, 2011. Goderick is not neutered. He’s a very nice pug who gets along well with dogs, cats and kids. He will go to the vet in the coming week for a complete check up and to get neutered.