Adoption Status:

gnuggitSomeone once said to me when we got our first pug: “pugs are like peanuts, you can’t have just one”…. We already owned Gnarly (also from UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue).

Then we decided to foster a pug for the rescue. Along came a wee little pug, almost 5 years old whose tongue and teeth stuck out and eyes googled in two different directions. She looked so frail, sad and lonely. She tugged at your heart strings every time you looked at her.

Despite this she was so well mannered and such a little sweetie. She was so eager to please. We just couldn’t give her away. She had to stay. We were happy to let her know her search for love was over, she’d found her forever home. Now she’s starting to blossom. The sadness has left her eyes and replaced with “thank you”.

She’s such a little treasure, a real nugget. Hence we named her Gnuggit, with spelling chosen by (no, insisted upon) her sister Gnarly.