Age: 5 1/2 years old
Adoption Status:

Gertrude_YvetteThe velvet sisters are settling in to their “forever home.” They are both much admired at the vet, where they were introduced to the doctors and staff. Yvette is the smaller of the two but she can put away liver treats just like her bigger sister Gertrude. They have kept their names, and respond to “t’es belle” in French with tail wagging and pug smiles. They love their walks in the neighborhood, and they know when it’s time to put on the harness. For the next while, the girls will sleep in the big bed with Rocky (yes, all of us together). Gertrude is funny, playful, and very affectionate. Yvette is far less confident than her sister. Given time and gentle direction, she will blossom as well as Gertrude already has. They are smart, clean in the house, and willing to learn the family routines. Adopting grown pugs can bring some anxieties. Are they going to adjust to big changes in their lives? Are they trained to do their business outdoors? Will they bond with their new family? Lots of questions. Love, experience and commitment can make the transition so much easier. Our family is grateful for the work that “Under my wing Pug Rescue” does, for all the behind-the-scenes effort and concern it takes to make that love connection.