Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

Gaston_Oct_4As soon as we saw Gaston we fell in love with him. He may be small but he has a huge personality! We now have a family of three and couldn’t be happier! Gaston adds so much to every day whether he is giving us a pug hug, dragon slaying or keeping our laps warm. He makes us laugh every day. He settled in quickly and melts the hearts of everyone he meets including my friends and colleagues who keep asking when he is going to come visit again. We’ve been working on his repertoire of tricks and he can shoot hoops as well as high five now. We have had the best days chasing him up and down the hills of the Arboretum. I think everyone should own a pug! Or at the very least if you are going to get a pug, then give a rescue pup a home. You will be grateful you did every morning and evening when you are greeted with a hug and a snort.

Alana & Awbar