Adoption Status:

Ginger and LilySisters Ginger and Lily are growing quickly and are balls of energy. They love to race around their backyard and go for walks in the large field just steps from their home. They love to wrestle and, as they are puppies, nip at each other’s tails, ears, ankles and any other body part they can get a hold of. Their antics, like hide-and seek, tug-of-war and chasing are pure entertainment!Their veterinarian commented on how well socialized they are, and we credit this to the remarkable nurturing they received from their UMWPR foster family. We are very grateful and deeply touched by the commitment, knowledge and professionalism of each of the volunteers we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. This is a very responsible organization. After mourning the loss of two beloved pugs, our hearts are now filled with joy through caring for, and loving Ginger and Lily.

Tom and Jenn