Age: 3 years old
Adoption Status:

ramsayWe are now the proud owners or 2 beautiful dogs! We are currently sitting in bed and both dogs are chewing their nylabones! They are really great together! Traci and I had decided to change Fudge’s name to Ramsay so we tested it out last night and he started responding to his name right away! Harley showed Ramsay around the house right away, they had dinner together and and played outside for a good hour. Ramsay marked his teritory on all the trees and they played fetch together and he found his favorite outdoor toy right away. Overnight was very good, they here asserting dominance for a while and then went to sleep, Harley at the foot of the bed and Ramsay slept in the crook of Traci’s arm all night. So all around we’ve been doing great so far. We really love him, he is very playful and seems to have really taken to me right away!

Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity to adopt such a beautiful little creature.

Sarah & Traci