Age: 8 years old
Adoption Status:

FRITZMay 7, 2014 – Fritz is going to his forever home this Saturday where he will share his life with a female pug almost his age…(-:

April 29, 2014 – Fritz is calm, sensitive and an extraordinarily gentle dog with a surprisingly goofy side. He is an adorable little guy who likes to lie on his back, wiggling and hope someone; human or dog will take notice and wrestle with him. If one of the resident pugs walks by him he will reach out with his front paws grabbing and gently sinking his gums into his foster brother’s hind leg. However if the other dog won’t play with him he loves to wrestle with a blanket. Fritz does not like being alone and will cozy up with one the resident dogs if there isn’t a human lap to climb onto. Fritz is enjoying a great deal more freedom these days. Although he still doesn’t ask to go outside he has the toilet habits of a mature dog and he doesn’t need to go out any more often than the resident dogs and for more than a week I have been leaving him free in the house while I’m out and he hasn’t had an accident. He just curls up in the dog bed with one of his pals and waits for someone to come home. Fritz will plop himself down right in front of the door if he suspects you might be leaving the house with out him. Although he enjoys his walk Fritz isn’t an outdoorsy dog but he is getting more confident and beginning to explore the yard with his foster brothers. Fritz would make a wonderful addition to a family who likes leisurely walks and lots of cuddles. He gets along well with children and other dogs.

April 17, 2014 – Fritz has undergone an amazing transformation during this last week. Despite being toothless he is now eating kibble mixed with canned food and has developed a pug sized appetite licking the bowl clean before licking the floor around the bowl and then sending me a hopeful look for dessert. Housebreaking is coming along (no more bellyband). Fritz seems to understand that I want him to go when I take him outside but isn’t quite sure how to ask to go out. Since having his teeth removed, he has become more energetic and alert. He has begun playing with stuffed toys and is even gnawing on chew toys. Yesterday he enticed one of his foster brothers to wrestle with him. Fritz can now jump up and down off of the sofa and manages the stairs without hesitation. As being upstairs is still a novelty to him he loves to sniff and investigate every corner especially closets. Fritz we have discovered not only loves sitting in the toy basket, he also loves to climb into laundry baskets and doesn’t seem to mind whether the laundry is clean or dirty.

FritzJarvis (1)April 14, 2014 – Fritz loves the duck confit soft food gobbling it up it a way I haven’t seen since I got him. Fritz is doing extremely well. I believe he is feeling better than he has in a long time and I am seeing more and more of his personality everyday. He has a silly side and likes to borough and roll in blankets and pillows which is probably why he likes to climb into and sit in the toy basket. He had two firsts yesterday;playing with a stuffed toy and jumping up on the sofa. He is also glad to have resumed his walks, actually scratching at the door after getting his harness on, telling me to hurry up and let’s go. Fritz is such a sweetie and so gentle he warms the hearts of everyone he meets. If you are interested in adopting this sweet soul, please contact us HERE.

April 7, 2014 – Fritz was neutered this morning and had the remaining five teeth he had removed and is now toothless. His tear values in one eye especially was low so he is now on i-Drops and Optimmune to see if it will help. He is going back to the vet’s for a follow-up next Monday. This beautiful boy will soon be available for adoption.

April 4, 2014 – Fritz or as I like to call him my little shadow is settling in. All this little guy wants is to be loved and to give love. Although his vision is impaired especially his depth perception it didn’t take him long to learn to navigate the area of the house he has access to and he now goes up and down the steps to the family room and outside without hesitation. I have taken him out frequently and he is always happy to put his harness on. He walks well on the leash most of the time trotting along right beside me and is always happy to greet those, people and other dogs we meet on our outings. He is very good in the car as well. He gets along well with the resident pugs and doesn’t mind using them as a pillow. He still protests when put in his crate but he is setting down much more quickly now and then sleeps the rest of the night without a peep. Fritz is getting neutered and is having his teeth cleaned on Monday April 7.

April 1, 2014 – Fritz has severe dental disease. The tartar is so bad we couldn’t even see his teeth. The vet suggested he start antibiotics before having neutering and dental surgeries done. Fritz is also visually impaired. His ears were dirty but no sign of active infection. His heart, lungs, knees are all good as well as his prostate and bladder. His anal glands were very full. He has a suspected lipoma on his front right leg above the elbow joint. He also has an old wound on his left hind leg that hadn’t healed properly so she shaved and cleaned the area and said it should heal just by keeping it clean and dry. His weight is good at 17lbs. He was such a good boy through all the poking and prodding. Fritz will be going to the vet next week to get neutered and get his teeth cleaned. He will soon be available for adoption.

March 31, 2014 – Fritz came in yesterday. He’s a friendly unaltered male pug who enjoys lifting his leg everywhere, that will soon end when he gets neutered…..Fritz is going to the vet later today for a complete check up. Stay tuned for more info on Fritz.