Age: 14 months old
Adoption Status:

freida2Frieda is the loveliest little pug—along with her brother pugs Carter and Nash. Carter is happy to sit back and watch the young pugs play. Frieda is like no other pug we have seen, she can run and jump like a gazelle, she does not shed and she is very slim. She swims like a fish and it is a good thing because she falls in our pool on a regular basis, she is so busy chasing birds that fly overhead that she does not watch where she is going and falls in the pool. She is therefore never left in the pool area alone even for a moment. Frieda gets up at 5:30 each morning and immediately goes outside for a pee. She comes in and has breakfast and then goes outside right away again to have a pooh. The other two pugs go out at this time as well, but they prefer to have breakfast before going out for the first time. The pugs are not alone for more than 4 hours at a time. They are not caged and have the run of the house. My 18 yr old daughter baby-sits next door and she and the children come over usually at lunch to play with the pugs, swim and just generally hang out. Frieda sleeps where ever she chooses, which is either with us or my daughter. She plays with Nash all the time. I love when they do the pug run. It is very entertaining. We love her and are so thankful that we got to adopt her. Thank you.