Age: 8
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

March 28, 2019 – Sadly, this afternoon, our sweet Frida passed.  Her condition was getting worse every day and she was not keeping any food.  She went at the vet clinic this afternoon and in an effort to put her under anesthesia to investigate what was the big mass seen on the xrays, Frida collapsed and never came back to life.  She will fondly be remembered.

March 25, 2019 – Frida is getting her soft palate shorten on April 18.  She is having a hard time breathing properly and regurgitate her meals quite often.  We are very hopeful that this surgery will be the beginning of a new life for this sweet girl.  Frida is doing very well in her housetraining and goes outside most of the time to do her business.  She’s a pretty mellow girl who enjoys sleeping and cuddling.

March 22, 2019 – Frida went to vet today for urine analysis and to have her nostrils and breathing checked.  This sweet girl make a lot of noise when she breathes.  Notes from her past vet visits mention narrow nostrils, she might have to get her soft palate shorten and at the same time, her nostrils enlarged.  Frida’s blood work came all perfect.

March 19, 2019 – Frida has been to the vet yesterday for a complete check up.  She has been given an injection of Cytopoint as she was very itchy and was dragging her bum on the floor.  Frida is in good health and she will need to have her teeth cleaned.

March 18, 2019 – Frida has a very mellow/low key/easy to care for.  She does follow  you around the house and has a good appetite. Frida is excellent in the car, she sits still and sleeps most of the way.
Sleeping habits: very quiet, slept in dog bed on floor next to the big bed. Slept all night.
Training:  pee pad trained. Hadn’t gone outside yet. Tried walking and going out regularly. Itchy/constantly scratching face, butt, side.
Doesn’t bark
Drinks lots of water
Has only peed twice in 24 hrs and pooped once yesterday.  She’s a very sweet girl. Loves to cuddle. Well mannered.
She doesn’t like to walk. We’ve been going out regularly and I’ve had to use leash to lead her 10feet and back. It’s a start.

March 17, 2019 – Frida was surrendered to us on March 16.  Frida is born March 9, 2011 so she just turned 8.  Frida is 14.2lbs and she is spayed and up to date in her vaccination.  She was at the vet this afternoon for a complete check up and to get blood work done.  Frida had hundreds of small stones removed from her bladder – she will need to be on a special vet food for the rest of her life.  Stay tuned for more on this sweet little girl as we get to know her.