Age: 4 years old
Adoption Status:

FergieStoryHaving Fergie is a real treat! We call her our little dependent because while there is responsibility with taking care of her, there is also much joy and love. Coming home at the end of the day is always nice to see her little curled tail wagging, ready for us to play rope/fetch. Whoever said pugs are lazy, hasn’t met Fergie… as she is a 4 year old who loves to play. When adopting an “older” dog there was a worry about whether she could learn new behaviours – and we are pleased to say that it IS a myth that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. You just need a little patience and a good reward system. She is so smart, that we were able to crate train Fergie in one weekend and she even learnt how to catch treats mid-air. We love having her as part of the family, and we are sure she loves us too.