Age: 13
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:















February 18, 2019 – Felix has been adopted by his foster family, he is now living with 2 pug sisters.

February 12, 2019 – Felix got his stitches removed yesterday.  We are happy to say that the tumour he had on his leg was a grade 1 mast cell tumour and the vet has likely removed the entire tumour.  This little 15lbs teddy bear is the definition of sweetness.  Felix is now looking for his forever home.

February 10, 2019 – Felix is doing so well! He gets his stitches removed on Monday from his head and left leg! They look very well healed and he is back to his old self. Felix is really enjoying his raw food diet. He dances in circles before meal time now.
He is fully house trained and does all his pees and poops outside.  Felix walks extremely well on leash. He actually prances when he walks its so cute, he is like a tiny horse. Felix loves walk time and gets excited to go out for his four walks a day.  Felix originally didn’t appear to get along very well with bigger dogs, he would bark at them a lot. But with more time and exposure to bigger dogs, he is coming around. He just needs patience and socialization.  Felix really likes spending time with the resident pugs. Felix likes to be everywhere his foster parents are. He is very affectionate and loves to be talked to.  Felix walks up and down stairs fine outside, but our indoor stairs still intimidate him. He walks up them, but not down yet. So he gets carried down the stairs and we keep them blocked off with a baby gate.  Felix is really starting to come out of his shell; he used to be very skittish and afraid. Now, if he wants something, he will try his best to let it be known. If he wants to be the one sitting next to the human, he will squeeze in there. Felix will soon be looking for his forever home; a loving home with someone who has the time to give him all the attention that he deserves.

January 29, 2019 – Felix had his dental procedure yesterday. He had 13 teeth removed and was already missing 15 teeth. He even had hair stuck in his tartar causing a very smelly mouth. Felix also had two lumps removed from his forehead and one from his front left leg. He will be on pain medication for five days and will be required to wear a cone for a full 14 days before suture removal. It was difficult to close the incision on his left leg so it will have to be watched closely. His foster sisters are also keeping close watch over him as they are both concerned for him. It also appears that Felix has no eardrum, it is unlikely that he can hear. He had his nails clipped once again while he was under sedation so they are now nice and short.  Felix is fully house trained. He has had one accident, but that’s to be expected as he gets used to his new routine and environment.  Felix has transitioned well on the raw food diet. He has been getting some herring oil and TriActa (joint & articulation support) and it seems to already be showing on his coat, it looks much healthier.  Felix will sleep in his bed with a soft blanket during the day but is very happy to also share the big bed with humans at night.  Felix is a bit skittish, could be due to his lack of hearing;  he has been through quite a bit of changes so he is still adjusting. He is a very happy and sweet boy and is still coming out of his shell. He loves to snuggle and like most pugs likes to follow you everywhere. He makes very cute purring noises when he’s snuggling you- perhaps that is how he got his name.  Though he previously lived with a cat, he did not seem to want to interact with the resident cat at the vet office for either visit and he does have a couple marks from what appears to be cat scratches. He would likely be happier in a home with no cats.  As Felix is still adjusting and coming out of his shell, he hasn’t displayed much play behaviour yet. He has sniffed some toys, but hasn’t shown any interest in them. This could all change after his mouth heals. He does like to snuggle with the resident pugs, and they seem to like him quite a bit too. Keep following Felix’s story, he will be a different pug in a few weeks!

January 28, 2019 – Felix is doing very well, he went to the groomer last week for a good bath and nail trim.  He also visited the vet for a complete check up, blood work and to get up to date with his vaccines.  Little Felix is getting his teeth cleaned today.  Felix is 15.6lbs

January 22, 2019 – Felix is an owner surrender.  He is 13 years old and he is neutered.  Felix is a very friendly little boy.  He is going to the groomer today to get a warm bath, nail trim and ear cleaning.  He will be visiting the vet this Thursday for a complete check up and to be brought up to date in his vaccination and microchipped.  Felix will need to have his teeth cleaned as his breath is terrible.  Stay tuned for more on this sweetie as we get to know him.