Age: 1 year old
Adoption Status:

IMG_4353March 18, 2014 – Enzo is going to his forever home tonite.

March 13, 2014 – Enzo is doing really well with a consistent routine and on-going training. He’s fully house trained now and will go outside in yard first thing in morning, he also gets two walks a day that he really enjoys. We are working on leash manners as he likes to pull a bit, he’s a smart puppy and sure in time he will do better with this. Enzo would do best in a home with a calm assertive leader who can provide positive reinforcement training techniques.

Enzo now rolls over in submission and is learning to be a follower, each day we see so much improvement. Enzo is a very adorable pup with his tongue hanging out, always looking for a rub or some play time. He likes to follow you around most the time, but will also play alone and be independent at times throwing his toys around up in the air. Enzo is sleeping in the crate in our room and will go in with a treat on his own, we will not hear a peep out of him til he hears us move in the morning. Enzo has met some dogs on his walks and at the vet, he gets along well with most dogs sometimes he can be bit too much for them as he’s still a puppy but with positive dog play time and socialization, this will improve in time.

March 4, 2014 – Enzo is an exuberant little guy full of puppy energy who needs a family with a strong commitment to discipline as he is displaying some dominant behaviours that need to be corrected, especially when around other dogs . He has had a temperament evaluation and we have been assured that his occasional bad behaviour can be overcome with proper training. Enzo was neutered less than two weeks ago and as his testosterone levels drop his behaviours should become much easier to correct. As a matter of fact during the last two days we have seen a drastic improvement in his behaviour. He is much calmer and responds more readily to verbal commands such as come and off. Enzo is bright and loving and so full of personality he will bring so much joy to the right family. He would do best in an active family as he his a pup who is always on the go. He loves toys, all toys. He loves to chase a toy down the hall or if you’re busy he will chew a bone or take a stuffed toy and throw it up in the air and then pounce on it.

February 22, 2014 – Enzo was neutered yesterday – he’s 11.5lbs. He’s back to his foster home for a smooth recovery. He’s getting his stitches removed in 2 weeks and will be brought up to date in his vaccination. Enzo is being treated for round worms. If you are interested in adopting Enzo, please contact us HERE.

February 19, 2014 – Enzo is adjusting well considering what he’s been through. He loves to play and has lots of good puppy energy. We are working on manners and socialization with other dogs/cats. Enzo needs a calm loving home and in return will give lots of puppy kisses and cuddles 🙂 He’s eating twice daily good quality food with herring oil added.
Enzo is sleeping in crate at night in our room to provide a stable and quiet environment for him. We’re in process of setting rules and boundaries as he’s still a puppy. He’s taking direction well and very smart little guy who only wants to please. He can be bit vocal when left alone but understandable for now til he adjusts to his routine. Enzo will need a family that is committed to provide on going care to an active puppy who loves to go for walks and play to keep him stimulated. He is a real cutie and has so much love to give even after all he’s been though he’s such a happy puppy with tail wagging constantly. Enzo is getting neutered this Friday will keep you posted on his progress.

February 16, 2014 – Enzo came in this afternoon – saved from a bad situation where he was abused by kids his entire short life. Enzo is only 1 year old; he will go to the vet in the coming week for a complete check up and to get vaccinated. We will then scheduled his neutering surgery. Enzo is only skin and bones at about app 10lbs and was only fed very poor quality dog treats. Stay tuned for more info on Enzo in the coming days.