Age: 9 years old
Adoption Status:

Emma_Aug_25Coval (formerly Emma) has been with me for two months now and she has really settled in. We have even worked on her anxiety in the car – she gets worked up for the first little while and settles down shortly after. When I am walking around my home she follows me around like a shadow, always interested in what I am doing. When I sit down to work she retreats back to her bed, but immediately wants to know what I am doing the second I get up again. I’ve taken her up north with me to visit family twice, and she absolutely adores my little cousins and their dogs. Even though Coval has two big cushy beds to herself, her favourite place to sleep is curled up right on top of my big furry gorilla slippers. These are also her favourite toys to run around with and play tug of war when I am trying to work. Coval is extremely smart, and runs down the apartment hallway after we come in and always stops at my door to sit and wait for me to let her in. For an older dog she is extremely playful, intelligent and truly an amazing friend to have around.