Age: DOB Jan 26, 2018
Adoption Fees: $500
Adoption Status:

August 10, 2018 – Eddie is going to his forever home in Burlington, ON on Tuesday August.

August 5, 2018 – Eddie continues to become a very smart boy.  He already knows a few commands and loves to play and run with other dogs.

July 25, 2018 – If you are looking for a smart active puppy, Eddie is your guy.  Please come and meet him this Saturday from 11 to 3 at Pet Valu @250 Greenbank.

July 17, 2018 – Eddie was neutered today.  He was cryptorchid (one testicle in his abdomen) but the surgery went very well.  Eddie is now 16lbs.  He has stitches to be removed in 2 weeks – he will have to remain calm for that time….then he will be up for adoption.

July 16, 2018 – Eddie has been a great pup since his arrival! He either has lots of energy or he is fast asleep- those are his only two settings. He is, after all, a puppy. During his energetic moods, he is eager to learn behaviour and new tricks, go for a walk and sniff everything, cautiously meet new friends (dogs and humans) and he loves to run!  Eddie has a healthy appetite and eats twice a day. He originally was fed using a dog bowl that is best for fast eaters but, after a few days, he slowed down and he is now fed with a regular bowl. Previously, Eddie was living with other dogs and his fast eating was likely instinct to be sure he had his food before anyone could steal it. Eddie sleeps on the big bed at night and has been sleeping very well overnight. He hasn’t woken us up too early for breakfast or to go outside and seems to have adapted mostly to our schedule.
When we are out, he is in his crate. He protests for about 3 mins once in his crate but, once you leave the house he settles down. He has not destroyed any beds since living with us after previously going through 3 we were told. He does like to chew right now but, he has not chewed any of our personal items (so far). We leave chew toys out and Himalayan chews for his chewing urges and this seems to help, especially when he is in his crate. We are confident that eventually he can be trusted to be out of his crate in our absence and we plan to try leaving him in the kitchen with his bed to start. Eddie is very clever! We have seen so much growth and potential in him since his arrival. Eddie can sit, shake a paw, hi-five, and stay (short distances and sometimes if you turn your back). He is very much food and praise driven. Eddie is working on fetch and his recall at home and when on walks with the lead. We are hopeful to be able to take him to off-leash dog parks with fencing. We are also working on not getting him to jump up on people and sometimes kitchen chairs. He is very fast and loves to run at the dog park with other dogs and he can easily catch up to the dogs with twice his stride.

Upon arriving, he was very scared of all dogs when we would go for walks and would practically “screams” and backs up or tries to run the opposite way when they get close. We take him for many short and longer walks during different times of the day and different routes so he can get more comfortable. We even took him to a farmer’s market so he could experience a somewhat “busy” environment with lots of people, smells, kids, and other dogs. He did great! He is now much more curious about other dogs and humans and waits for them to approach. He can still be a bit shy and occasionally screams if a big dog makes a sudden movement in his direction but, we boost his confidence with lots of pats between him and the other dogs and in a very short amount of time he has made a new friend! He is also a bit shy when people want to pet him. But, similar to the above when we tell him it’s ok and get down on his level he warms up right away. Often making more than one person’s day with his cuteness. He sits patiently when you put his harness on. He is still learning how to walk with us on the lead but, he is getting so much better than the first few days. He loves to sniff and explore. He is usually exhausted after even a short walk as he is taking in so much. He generally likes being outside, even if it’s only on the balcony to look out. He is house trained and lets us know he needs to go out by staring and whining at his harness or sometimes waits at the door to go outside. He doesn’t seem bothered in the car. We have a soft crate in the backseat and when he goes in it he just lies down straight away and same if we have him in the front seat with or without a passenger.
Eddie is getting neutered on Tuesday July 17, 2018.
Eddie has been a lot of fun so far and we are so proud of his accomplishments in such a short time.

July 4, 2018 – Eddie is doing very well.  He is going to a new foster family as of today and he is getting neutered on July 17.

June 16, 2018 – Eddie continues to get even better when we are on walks, he likes to lead the pack and is very proud when doing so. He does have to be in the lead of the other dogs or he wants to keep turning around to either see where they are or engage in play.  When meeting new people he barks and will shy away until he takes a sniff and deems them worthy of his attention lol. He loves the freedom to roam in the yard to play with his adoptive Newfoundland Gracie, these two are inseparable. He would do very well with other animals in the home to play with. Eddie eats well but still has to be watched while the other dogs are eating as he likes to help himself to their bowls. So we are still on constant watch even when we remove the bowls once they are done, he likes to scoot in and see if anything was left behind. When he winds down for the evening he loves to snuggle with one of us, and when it’s time for bed he goes directly in his cage with no prompting. He sleeps through the night and is up and ready to go by 5am!  Eddie is a very fast little dog! He would be excellent in agility training! He is the fastest dog in our brood at the moment and has our dogs on the run! They love it!Eddie is a joy to foster and has integrated well with our other dogs, especially Gracie!

May 29, 2018 – Eddie continues to get better on walks; he likes to lead the pack and is very proud when doing so. He has been introduced to other dogs and is quick to engage in friendly play.
When meeting new people, Eddie tends to shy away at first but again once he gets a few sniffs he loves the attention. He loves the freedom to roam in the yard to play with the resident Newfoundland.  Eddie eats well but still has to be watched while the other dogs are eating as he likes to help himself to their bowls. So we have adopted a plan to mitigate that by removing bowls once they are done and then they go directly outside to play. When Eddie winds down for the evening, he loves to snuggle with one of us, and when it’s time for bed, he goes directly in his cage and sleeps through the night and is up and ready to go by 5am!  Eddie is a joy to foster and has integrated well with our other dogs, especially our Newfoundland.  Eddie is getting neutered on July 26 and will be available for adoption soon after.

May 15, 2018 – Eddy is doing absolutely fantastic! He is a sweet and very lovable boy.  He loves his numerous cuddles throughout the day and is showing his true colors now as he is the instigator in rumbles with the resident dogs. Eddie is tenacious when he goes after the others, and thinks he’s 100lb dog, but they are very patient with him.  Walking on the leash is a work in progress as he tends to want to be in the lead, but he’s getting better and learning after correction to walk beside us. He tires a bit as he’s so small he tries very hard to keep up with the resident dogs.  Eddie is 98% house trained! He goes to the door and whines a bit to be let out! He occasionally has an accident still but overall he’s fabulous with letting us know his needs. Not much has changed in that department.  Eddie is still definitely a chow hound! This little guy loves to eat!  We have to monitor him while eating or else he eats everyone else’s food while they are still eating.  Eddie sleeps thru the night but is an early riser! No matter what time he goes to bed he’s up at 5am every morning! He still sleeps in his crate and goes in it when he’s ready for bed.  Eddie has the weirdest yawn!  It’s a long squeal then a snort.  We’ve also discovered that he is the fastest running dog in this brood! He can turn on a dime at full throttle.

May 11, 2018 – Eddy is doing very well and is fully comfortable with his environment. He has created a bond with the resident newfoundland Gracie the two are inseparable. He loves to play outside and go for walks especially now that spring has finally arrived. Eddie is doing well on the leash during walks but can be a little too excited about the whole idea. He has made a very positive impact on our family and loves to curl up with anyone and have a nap.
We are still working on his eating habits i.e him wanting to eat everyone else’s food! He is gradually learning his manners and knows to sit, stay, come and no. He’s a very special little puppy!  Eddie is now 10lbs.

April 9, 2018 – Eddie is born on January 26, 2018.  He is a pug mixed with a Chihuahua and a cocker spaniel.  Eddie is about 5lbs and full of beans.  Eddie has received his first 2 sets of vaccination but will go to the vet in a few weeks to get his rabies shot.  Eddie will be neutered when he will be around 5 month old.