Age: 12
Adoption Fees: $200
Adoption Status:


October 30, 2016 – Dougie is the sweetest boy, he’s easy going and doesn’t mind being surrounded with other dogs.  He is becoming more and more cuddly and he is a real joy to have around.  If you are looking for a loyal companion, Dougie is the pug for you.  He would be happy with or without another furry friend.

October 16, 2016 – Dougie had his teeth cleaned and lost 4.  He weights 28lbs and should lose a few lbs to reach his healthy weight.  Dougie is an easy going boy who adapt well to any situation.  He has started playing with stuffed animals and it’s just so cute to see him shaking them.  Dougie will be at the October 23 Howl-O-Ween PUGSTOCK at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre – come and meet this precious boy.

dougieOctober 5, 2016Dougie is a sweet gentle boy.  He loves to wrestle with his stuffed toys and is always happy to see people.  He tends to ignore the other dogs in the house as well as the 2 cats.  He LOVES to eat!  When he sees his foster mom getting out his pill bottles, he is sitting right at her feet eagerly waiting.  Dougie is not a cuddly pug but he is starting to cozy up with us on the sofa.  He loves being with us wherever we go and he makes it known that he does not like being left behind.  Dougie doesn’t get overly excited about going for a walk and he tends to go rather slowly.  I haven’t walked him since his surgery on Friday, but I plan on taking him to the dog park this afternoon to see how he does.  If you are interested in adopting Dougie, please submit your adoption application form.

October 2, 2016 – Dougie is an owner surrender.  He will be 12 in a few days.  Dougie is a very well behaved pug, he is neutered, microchipped and up to date in his vaccination.  Dougie has cataracts on both eyes which affect his eyesight but you he can go around the backyard and inside the house without problems unless it’s too dark.  Dougie is taking glucosamine supplement for his hind legs as he has a bit of arthritis.  Dougie is a tall boy dougieand he gets along well with other dogs, he’s more independent and doesn’t really interact with them.  Dougie has lived all his life in a condo, he’s doesn’t bark and is used to taking the elevator.  Dougie would do well with or without a dog.  Dougie had his teeth cleaned this past Friday and he had a little lump removed from his hind leg –  he is now back to his foster home for a smooth recovery.  Dougie is a lovely boy and he has the softest coat ever.