Age: 7 years old
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

November 16, 2018 – Dorian is gone to his forever home today…..he will share his life with 2 dog sibblings.

November 9, 2018 – Dorian had his dental on  November 2 and he has recovered very well form the surgery. Dorian has calmed down with marking outside on his daily walks since neutering and, we now trust him to be in the house without a belly band on and he has had no accidents for a week now !!! Nothing much else has changed with his behaviour, he is still very easy going, loves to walk and play after his walk in the evening and like to do zoomies.  Dorian seems a lot calmer now when we are leaving the house and even lies in his bed and doesn’t bark as we leave but is always glad to see us when we return and makes a big fuss with squeeks and wanting to be stroked or picked up.
Dorian has turned a huge corner and isn’t the nervous dog he was when he arrived with us; he’s super calm, wants to be on your lap, loves a belly rub and, is friendly with other dogs. He has even let us look at his teeth which he would never do a few weeks ago.  Dorian would probably prefer to be an only dog were he could be on the lap of someone all the time but, he would work well with another calm dog and an active family or person as he loves to walk. He does not beg for food at the dinner table and sits quietly looking at the floor just in case some food drops.

October 27, 2018 – Dorian was neutered on October 22 and has recovered very well. He has been scheduled for his teeth cleaning and extraction on November 6, 2018. The vet has instructed that he needs to put on a few pounds which is easy because he is food motivated. Any rustle or movement in the kitchen and he is at your feet. He is currently eating kibble mixed with soft food to make it easier on his many broken, and loose teeth. He loves his walks and continues to mark his way around the neighbourhood. He has had one accident this week while we were out even while wearing his belly band. He has been left alone for almost 8 hours one day and has been really good with no accidents. He has welcomed Marlee into the house and would love her to play- but, she’s not having it. Because he is hard of hearing he does take cues from her as to when to bark at random noises or when to be excited. He does love to play with us usually in the evening after a walk he will run around the house, play bow and do zoomies. With Marlee around it also seems that he is less anxious when we leave. It looks like his ideal home may have another small dog as a companion and walking buddy. We haven’t seen him socialize with many dogs because of his kennel cough at the beginning but, this weekend at the Howl-O-Ween event we will see how he plays with the other pugs. He sleeps on the big bed at night and is fine in cars, especially if you put the heated seat on. He loves to perch himself half on and half off your lap when you are on the couch and often falls asleep. We are very happy to see that over the few weeks he has learned to trust us. He surrenders his belly, let’s us check on his stitches and even goes full noodle when he falls asleep on the couch and lets you carry him to bed.

October 21, 2018 – Dorian is over his kennel cough, he is now more comfortable in his foster home and letting his personality shine. He will be neutered on Monday October 22 and we are so lucky that he trusts us – even when we need to give him his antibiotics or cough syrup for his kennel cough.  Dorian is a very affectionate pug who loves a good nap and he is very playful as well. He loves to chase and be chased with lots of play bows. He is easy going and has fit into our routine.  He is still marking and we keep the belly band on him when we are not home. He hasn’t been marking while we are home. He will bark when we leave the house but, it doesn’t last long and he is calm and quietly waiting for us when we get home.  Dorian is good in the car and very friendly with new people and new dogs. He hasn’t shown any fear or hesitation to meet a big or small dog on a walk and he runs straight to new guests in our home.  Dorian has a great appetite and was eating kibble but we decided that we would give him wet food as well one because it is easier on his very bad teeth and 2 he is a bit skinny and the vet would like him to be a bit heavier.  He loves treats and can do sit, lie down and speak.  Due to Dorian’s poor hearing, he doesn’t always react when a command is given so we are using hand gestures for his tricks and for him to recall to you, he really has to see you and he usually comes running with a wagging tail.  Dorian hates being in a crate and will bark & scratch, he really doesn’t like it so… he sleeps on the bed with us which he just goes to the end of bed and curls up for the night. He wakes up when we get up and wants his breakfast straight away and his walk after.  Dorian is very loving and wants to be with you all the time; he loves human interaction and doesn’t like being on his own although this seem to be getting better as he will sometimes stay on his bed whilst we are in another room.

October 13, 2018 – Dorian is a very gentle, mellow pug who loves to stay near you. He is very trusting of us considering he was found as a stray. He likes to sit right next to you on the couch or at your feet while watching tv or working. He has a “sad/worried” face but, his tail wag assures us he is very happy and looooooves attention and affection. As with most pugs, he has a healthy appetite and is fed 3/4 cup of kibble for breakfast and dinner with herring oil and tri-acta. He doesn’t beg for food at the dinner table. He does lie under the table for potential dropped portions. While prepping food he will also position himself between you and the cupboard. He likes kibble for treats and he knows a few commands: sit. down. and speak. He is very clever and sometimes thinks if he just does one of these commands on his own and stares at you it surely deserves a treat just because. He currently has kennel cough. He is trying to get as much rest as he can but, a congested nose and cough keep him restless day and night. As kennel cough is contagious to other dogs, we don’t know how he interacts with other dogs yet or animals except that he doesn’t seem bothered by any we have passed by on walks so far. He doesn’t bark at anyone and doesn’t seem to notice squirrels etc. He sleeps on the big bed at night. The kennel cough makes it hard to tell what his sleep routine is as the cough makes him get up and down on the bed frequently.  During the day he is gated in the kitchen with his bed, chew toys and water. He sleeps most of the day.  He is not a fan of being left alone and cries, howls & barks for a few minutes when you leave the house. He does settle and is very happy to see you when you come home. So far he has only been left alone for about 3 hours.  He is a marker in the house (as he is not yet neutered) when we leave and at night when he is restless. He is now wearing a belly band to help prevent more marking.  When he first arrived he didn’t want anything to do with a crate but, we are working more on crate training, especially at night to avoid more marking opportunities and give him more rest instead of getting up and down on the bed at night.  He loves to go out for walks and is good on the lead. He gets excited when you get his harness and is very good when you put it on.  He has been told by passersby that he has the “best pug face he/she has ever seen”.  He is a marker outside as well (a consequence of not being neutered) and no post or bush will go untouched. He even likes to mark several times on one post, calculating all the different angles he can reach. He can easily handle stairs, jumping up and down on the couch and he prefers to be put on the big bed but, can jump down on his own. He goes to the vet on Tuesday. We already know he has very bad teeth and he is still intact.  Dorian has what the vet thinks, a floating rib of an old injury as one of his rib stick out a bit on his left side.  That doesn’t prevent him from doing anything a normal pug would do.  As soon as he doesn’t have kennel cough anymore, we will schedule his neutering surgery and later, his dental procedure.

OCTOBER 10, 2018 – Dorian was found stray by the SPCA in Gatineau.  He is a sweet (and smart) 7 year old boy.  Stay tuned for more info on this beautiful soul.