Age: 1 1/2 years old
Adoption Status:

DinahDinah is adjusting verywell to her new home! Her favourite toy is her KONG and her favourite thing todo is cuddle with my partner and I. She is getting along well with our threecats and has learned a few different commands. She has gotten a lot better onleash and loves to walk beside me on our walks. She has lots of energy andloves to run around the house while we’re home, but afterwards she loves tocuddle and sleep on or beside me. She has already had a few play dates with mysister’s pug and they always have a lot of fun together. While we are outside takinga walk she is always very friendly and polite when someone stops by to pet her,which happens often because she is so cute! We are so lucky that we were ableto bring this little girl into our family. She has made us so happy. Thank youso much Under My Wing Pug Rescue for making it possible for me to be with myadorable little Dinah. We love her so much!

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