Age: 8
Adoption Fees: 500
Adoption Status:

January 20, 2023 – Dexter has been adopted by his foster mom.  He will share his life with 2 pugs.

January 4, 2023 – We had a lovely Christmas Day. I brought Dexter to my parents house in the morning at 9am and he spent the whole day and evening with us. He was very good, he did not try to open any gifts or eat any of our snack, we had a lot, and he did not chase or even care about the cat. I left him for 3-4hrs with my parents while I ran home to walk the others and prepare part of the Christmas dinner. He did not make a peep while I was gone, just found a pillow to curl up on and kept an eye on my mother as he spends most days with both of us at work so he knows her well. He was very content and just let out one little bark of joy when I came back to the house as I also had HIS dinner with me which he was very excited about. He is still very itchy and scratches around his ear area quit a bit, not the inside just the outside. That being said he was on turkey and I have now tried him on Lamb for the last week and this seems to have brought the itching back. His ears have healed at least they are not crusty or bloody anymore just itchy. He likes to curl up on my housecoat or my pillow anytime he can the little monkey, if I get up for one moment in the night he jumps on my pillow and then I have to move him back to his own pillow, what a little stinker but so good.

December 19, 2022 – Dexter is such a wonderful dog, he has to be around you with eyes on you at all times. He is getting more energetic as they days go by, he now makes the entire length of the store, backroom included 4200 square feet, his race track. He is so excited when I bring him in; in the afternoons he runs from one end to the other and around all the racks and back again, he runs like a little puppy legs all over the place. He seems to be adapting to the raw food. The folds around his nose have healed up very nicely and the fur is growing back but the top of his ears are still giving him trouble. I have a probiotic shampoo and conditioner that I am going to try on him see if that helps if not then we may have to go back to the vet. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this little boy; he is bouncy, lovable, cuddly, quiet just so sweet and he is finally getting to cuddle with his foster brothers as they are all pretty used to each other now.

December 13, 2022 – Dexter is doing really well, fitting in nicely. he is such a little love bug and loves to do zoomies around the main floor after coming in from the backyard. He is getting along well with the routine of the house and has caught on very quickly to treat time and meal time. I separate him from the others during meal times. I put him in the backroom, ask him to stay and he always does, he listens VERY well. When leaving the house everyone gets really excited but Dexter listens when I say back, stay, he just wants to please. I have been bringing him into work a few times a week in the afternoons where he follows me everywhere or sits up on a chair so he can see where we all are at all times. He is very quiet and just loves all the attention from the customers that fawn over him just a very well behaved gentle soul. His ears have not healed up yet he still has little bald spots and scabs that he scratches at frantically. He will be going for a nice grooming sometime soon we just wanted to let his ears heal a bit before doing so. He quit often barks and growls at his back end while running in a circle which should be solved once he gets neutered in early January.

December 5, 2022 – Dexter has been with us for a week now; he is a very lovely boy. After a week of determining the pecking order in the household, things have settled in nicely. When I first brought him home, he did not want to eat any food or take any treats at all no matter what it was. He finally tried a treat about day three and since then he is very excited to come in from the backyard and join everyone in the giving of the treats. He is very gentle and still does not say too much but I have finally had the chance to hear his bark as the mailman came to the door, it is quit deep. He came to work with me a few afternoons this week and he was very very good. He followed me everywhere, greeted customers but did not jump or get in the way, did not try to get out the door and never said a word, a real gentleman. We are wiping his patchy skin twice a day to treat his bacteria buildup and he is eating his raw food very happily now and thankfully his body is starting to get used to the change in food, he is not passing such smelly gas. He really enjoys his walks and just prances away he is very beautiful and as somebody recently commented he looks like a stallion the way he stands tall and runs so beautifully.

December 3, 2022 – Dexter went to the vet for a complete check up and to be vaccinated.  His skin is a bit rough.  We have put him on a raw lamb formula to see how it will help him.  He is also on hemp seed oil.  Dexter is 22.4lbs.  He is getting neutered on January 12, 2023.  Dexter’s teeth are in good condition but the vet will re evaluate this when he gets neutered.

November 28, 2022 – Dexter came to us yesterday. He is a very calm and sweet little boy, not pushy or aggressive and just wants to cuddle and give kisses. he is very good in the car just investigated a bit and then slept most of the way home or looked out the window from time to time. He seems pretty healthy but he has very dry skin and tattered ears with a fairly fresh wound on one of them. He has dry caked gunk in one of his wrinkles by his nose. Dexter loves pillows given the chance that’s where he chooses to sleep, right on top, such a pug. His foster brothers seem to be ok with him so far nothing but curiosity and lots of smelling going on.
He slept through the night with no issues and we ALL slept on the bed together.
Dexter is very loving and really just wants to cuddle all the time and sleep up with me on my pillow. Dexter is a very quiet boy as I have not heard a single peep from him yet as far as a bark or a whine. Dexter is going to the vet tomorrow for a complete check up (blood work & vaccines) and we will then book him in to get neutered.