Age: 13 years old
Adoption Status:

Daisy02We recently lost our 14 year old Corgi-mix named Zeus. He was much loved, and the loss was felt very deeply. While dealing with our grief, we also knew we had to help our 15 year old female Pug adjust to being alone for the first time in 14 years. We were familiar with Under My Wing Pug Rescue website and frequently read the stories just because we ourselves are a Pug owner and animal lovers. Before we lost Zeus, we had visited the Under My Wing Website and remarked about one dog in particular who was 13 and named Daisy. After losing Zeus we were both looking at the website again when my partner asked….who is going to adopt Daisy? At that moment we both said the same thing….why not us? We were already concerned about our Pug being alone, Daisy was alone and they were both close in age. We immediately sent an e-mail to inquire about adopting Daisy and soon afterwards Daisy became a welcome addition to our home.

It is hard to adequately explain the joy she has brought to our home and family. The two Pugs get along wonderfully. We also have two cats and they are just as taken by Daisy. The support and assistance we have received from Under My Wing has made this a very simple but thorough process to navigate. While we were very aware of our grief for the pet we had lost, we knew we had the wellbeing of our remaining dog to focus on. Daisy is the perfect balance and companion to our dog and for our home. She is already a very important part of our family. We also believe that Zeus would have approved, knowing that no dog with so much love to give should be alone.

Thank-you UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue and your loving volunteers for adding a wonderful member to our family.

Dean & Denis