Age: 3 years old
Adoption Status:

LexieBlackThank you for helping us bring Daisy/Lexie into our lives. She is such a sweet and loving pug and has fit perfectly into our family. She is getting along well with her older sister Stella. They are sharing toys and blankets and enjoy naping together. Although Lexie is small and gets very cold outside, she will not come in until Stella is ready to come in. We are hoping that they will learn from each other as they become closer. In just under one week Lexie has learned her name, to chew her food, started playing with toys, learned how to win “keep away” with Stella’s favourite socks and will almost sit for a cookie. She is very smart! Lexie has found a special place in our hearts, and we feel very blessed to be her forever home. Thank you Under My Wing!

Ashley, Matthew, Stella and Lexie