Adoption Status:

daisyMy husband and I were on pug rescue waiting lists for almost two years when we heard about UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue. The timing was perfect as we live in Niagara and were heading to Ottawa for a wedding. Daisy was very shy at first and afraid of almost everything. When we would walk her she would walk behind us and crouch down if anyone passed – it was heart breaking to see her afraid all the time. Slowly she became more brave, walking out in front of us, meeting other dogs, running around the yard instead of always following us. We have had her for four months and it is amazing how she has transformed with a little love! She is such a sweet little soul and she brings a lot of happiness to our home. She loves cuddling and sleeping on the back of the couch (The only way she can see out the window!) She is an awesome little dog and considering that only a few months ago she lived in a terrible environment, didn’t have a name or a loving owner she has adjusted very well. I don’t think the novelty of a loving family will wear off anytime soon.