Age: 9 years old
Adoption Status:

chelseaOutDaisy (aka Chelsea) came into our lives at the perfect time. We were, with very heavy hearts, nursing our beautiful rescued Great Dane through the last few weeks of his life. We all knew he didn’t have much longer with us, and it seemed almost unbearable, when, without even looking, a little miracle happened. A very short legged, determined little lady stepped into our home and our hearts. For the time they were together Daisy made comforting Titan her priority and to see her cuddled up beside him, not much bigger than his head, or walking along directly underneath him, was quite something. When the time finally came to say goodbye to our beautiful boy, it was a little bit easier knowing that a ridiculous, stubborn, bossy, adorable little pug was waiting for us at home. No sitting around being sad, this little girl needed us, and we needed her. Since that time she has filled our lives with laughter, fun and love, and we are grateful every day that our paths crossed and she chose us. Thank you for everything you do for these wonderful little creatures and their lucky, lucky owners.