Age: 9 years old
Adoption Status:

chance_Jan_2013Hello, I am Chance but now my name is Pepére. I had a very busy year with my family. I have been with them for about 15 months but eh! No breaks there. One month after my adoption, we had a huge flood. So big that we had to move for 3 months to a new house (us: two human and 3 dogs) and two other resident dogs. I have been lucky since everybody loves me and I like them to. Even though I don’t see well and I don’t play very much with other dogs, they respected me. Once we moved back to our house, we had major renovations. What I figured is that: As long as I am with my family I am a happy dog. We love each other so much that whatever happens, as long as we are together, I feel home with my brother and sister pugs.

My hobbies include cuddling, eating and going for a walk. Unfortunately, I can’t go for a long walk when it’s too cold outside, my feet freeze. However, during other seasons, I always go for long walks and I love it. Oh! I have to tell you that I always go to Under my Wing’s pleasant events, so if you see me, wag your tail !

Christine & Natacha