Age: 11 months old
Adoption Status:

YogiYogi (previously known as Casey) was destined to become part of our family. Our paths crossed meeting him just a few days before he came into UMWPR and when Genvieve suggested him being a good match for our family we recognised him and the stars lined up. He now lives with 2 adults , two children and a puggle called Flash (2 1/2 yrs old). Flash has always been a happy dog but since Yogi has come into our family Flash has found his soul mate in life, he is ridiculously happy!. The two of them play continuously, either “bite me, chew me, or try and eat me” . His energy levels match, if not exceed our puggles which is quite something for a 15 lb pug and an hours walk is just fine! Our girls carry him round like a handbag which he loves and he curls up and hugs anyone who sits down long enough, as long as nothing is happening in the kitchen otherwise he would be there. Thank you to UMWPR for helping and guiding us to finding Yogi. He is an amazing little pug who is totally adored and loved by all the family.”

Geraldine, Danny, Holly and Eve (and Flash and Yogi)